Generating leads with content

Should I be generating leads with content? Marketed to leads are generally warmer than cold leads. Why? Because, of course they are! They’ve come to you, which reflects some level of intent to buy. Generating leads with content is an excellent way to grow your business This isn’t to say that outbound campaigns aren’t effective. In fact, they […]

A 4 minute guide to generating website leads

Automating lead generation: A Quick Guide A biggie in hitting your sales target is having a lot of potential customers. You’ve probably heard the phrase “playing the numbers”, which is kind of true. The phrase itself ignores the focus on quality (getting good leads and following up). But it does show that for everyone 1 […]

“Can I help with anything?” The value of B2B Live Chat

Use B2B Live Chat to bolster your reputation   A shop where you only get help if you buy something I heard this great analogy by a member of our team the other day about live chat and specifically, B2B Live Chat. Consider 2 shops next door to each other, both selling identical stuff. Imagine […]

“Why wouldn’t I sign up?” Is your product a no-brainer?

“I’d lose money if I didn’t sign up! Where do I sign??” Theoretically, this is the response you’re looking for when designing your product & sales process. You’re offering SO MUCH value that’s relevant to them that pretty much everyone you pitch your product to signs up. Running a lot of different sales campaigns, you get to […]