Scale your business with our Low Cost Telemarketing campaigns

Park Row Marketing’s mission is to have a global positive impact by growing companies and planting trees. We help scale companies as their growth partner with our Telemarketing Campaigns. Scale your business with our combination of inbound, outbound, online and offline lead generation. What’s more, we plant trees as we grow your business

“We have a pool of experienced sales people with who love to tell the world about what you do”  

What low cost telemarketing services do we offer?

What can we do for you? We work closely with your company to make sure that we grow your business in a way that works for you;

Experienced, vetted reps

You have complete transparency over our campaigns, putting you in the drivers seat:

  • Building a flexible remote team of experienced reps for you to call upon as and when you need
  • Working with you to identify high-value customers 
  • Designing and executing a sales & marketing process to find you new business
  • Generating leads and closing sales for you
  • Working with you to measure and improve each stage to improve your results

low cost telemarketing


Why choose us?

Our responsive, experienced telemarketing or telesales team can help generate new leads or close sales for your business;

  • Fully managed by us, available 24/7
  • Vetted reps with a relevant sales track record
  • You’re able to pick and choose which reps we use 
  • Transparent about our results 
  • Focused on promoting the brand in addition to getting results 

What our packages cover

We’re here to make it as easy as possible to grow your business

  • Telemarketing rep sourcing and vetting
  • Campaign design and creation
  • Managing remote sales team
  • Monthly feedback sessions 

Park Row Marketing is here as your growth partner. We provide a range of services to meeting your company’s unique needs. If you have got a question, we are happy to answer 24/7. Here’s a link to each of our services to help give you a bit of an overview first.

24/7 Pay-Per-Lead Webchat

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Cost effective telemarketing

Got a question about our low cost telemarketing? Get an instant response

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