Business Growth Support | 2nd lockdown

Business growth support to help during COVID-19 Lockdown As we approach a 2nd UK-Wide lockdown, we want to make sure that businesses have all that they need to continue to operate during this tough time. The business growth support on this page is split into 3 main sections: Sales & Marketing Guidance for you keep […]

The new B2B sales environment: B2B leads using chat

Get B2B leads using chat with our online prospecting tips In the UK, we’re now in 2 months of lockdown! The government is only just now announcing ways to relieve lockdown measures so that people and businesses can begin to resume normal day-to-day life. That doesn’t mean all is hunky-dory though. Here’s a few things […]

In sales, your time is your money. Spend it wisely

Time is money, spend it wisely I’ll bet you’ve heard something like this before. Probably when you were a young, a sprog, knee-high to a grasshopper, etc. I saw this in action during one of my first ever sales jobs, where they split the sales process down into two chunks: One team who did the […]

Why do we plant trees when we generate leads?

The one question I’ve never been asked Have you ever pitched to a panel of mentors before? It’s nerve-wracking! In my 60 second pitch, I tell the audience that we generate leads on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. I go on to say that oh yes, we also plant trees as we generate leads. Following the 60 […]

Finding new customers in the midst of Coronvirus

What a week, eh? Wowsers! I genuinely am gobsmacked at this whole Coronavirus thing. It’s awful for everyone who gets it but I hope you don’t mind me putting the health issues aside for a second. I’m 30 years old and COVID-19 has had a scale of economic distribution that certainly I’ve never seen before. […]

Poor data is a waste of your sales team’s time

You have a lot of control over your sales team’s performance We’re coming to the end of the financial year, how have your sales team fared hitting their target? If the answer anything other than “We’ve exceeded our new business target for this year”, then this article might help. Here’s a rarely shared bit of […]

Sustainable business tips – A bit of honest advice

Sustainable business tips We promote a lot of companies that have an environmental or social benefit in addition to doing a good job. And as somebody who manages many different sales campaigns, you would be surprised how little the reasons for buying is a company’s sustainability credentials or their ethical credentials 10% of customers say […]

Book of the Month Millionaire Success Habits book review

Book of the Month Millionaire Success Habits book review Intro Thanks for your feedback on the book reviews! We’ve had great feedback that it would be more useful to create more of a discussion around 1 particular book. We’ve created a Book of the Month, where we pick our favourite book to talk about.   […]

Free Hubspot Customer persona template

Hubspot Customer persona template   It’s important to establish customer personas for your business. An accurate buyer persona will help you to better understand your target customer’s motivations to buy. This allows you to create stronger marketing campaigns. But how do you start researching and creating these buyer personas from scratch?   As part of […]

Business Model Generation book review

Business Model Generation book review¬†by Yves Pigneur and Alexander Osterwalder Intro I came across this book when Park Row Marketing was in the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator. This book will give you insight into the nature of business models. It shows you how you can turn industries completely on their head by using different channels of […]