What’s a good B2B Appointment Setting Script?

How do I find good B2B Appointment Setting Scripts for my company? A good tip is to build on what’s been established as best-practice already for your industry. Research B2B appointment setting script structure for your industry. What works best for your industry and prospects and what doesn’t? To help you out, here are some great […]

Pre-Meeting Prep: Qualified B2B Leads

How to increase your conversion rates So, we know the key to sales is context & this is achieved by finding out key bits of information, but what information do my salespeople need?  You can find this out by looking back over your previous customers and sales. Check over your qualified B2B leads and ask if are […]

Cost Per Lead Marketing – Is it worth it?

Cost Per Lead Marketing. What is it? Cost Per Lead Marketing is pretty straightforward. We generate leads for your business and you only pay one fixed, results-driven price. Much like how you only pay an Estate Agent when they successfully sell your house, cost per lead marketing means that you only each lead that they […]

Lead generation tips for closing more sales

Lead generation tips   “Having a sales process that adds value to your customer is the single biggest competitive advantage that you can have” – Owen Wood” Qualifying lead tips How should your sales team qualify leads prior to meetings? When getting the meeting, you can give yourself a great chance of success by finding […]

Seeds, Nets and Spears: 3 types of Qualified Lead Generation

Seeds, Nets and Spears: 3 types of Qualified Lead Generation for your business We talk a lot about different forms of Qualified Lead Generation and Qualifying Leads. There are so many potential sources of leads for your business: Website Outbound contact Trade shows and networking Social media Referrals and strategic partners With so many different […]

“Why now?” The most valuable question that you can ask

Lead qualification tips As well as finding out the value of a lead, an important part of a lead generation effort is finding out the context behind why someone is changing supplier. We talk a lot in our blogs about the importance of knowing the context behind someone reviewing.   Lead qualification tip #1: Increase your […]

How to generate more cleaning leads

Cleaning lead generation tips Are you looking for help with cleaning lead generation? Below are some tips to help you find more cleaning leads. When do companies change their cleaners? Companies like to hire contract cleaners for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the cleaning is taken care of. As such, if everything’s […]

How to generate leads using content

How to generate leads using content How Content Marketing Can Boost Website Conversions Content marketing great for promoting websites. Content can be used to: Establish yourself as an authority Promote brand awareness Increase social media exposure Boost visibility from search engines and much more But how can I generate leads using content? This guide will […]

Is your sales pipeline like 4am in a nightclub?

Is your current sales pipeline like 4am in a nightclub? This is a running joke we have in our team. A sales pipeline with not many new leads is like 4am in a nightclub; Everyone that you wanted to chat to has already left The ones that haven’t left yet probably have ulterior motives or […]

Using free trials to sell your product

Using free trials to sell your product Free trials are an excellent way to help your Prospective customer really get stuck into your product. Using free trials to sell your product helps you to ‘show’ what you can do instead of simply ‘telling’ them Below are a few tips which you’ll find helpful for using […]