What’s the best sales process for our company?

How to build a system that you can use to generate more B2B leads I was coaching a client earlier this week and he asked a really important question; “I’m about to hire a sales person, what KPI’s should I set? How do I know that they are going to get results?” This is a crucial question […]

Sales Channels: Guiding your Prospects toward a sale

Where do Prospects flow toward you? Have you recently considered where your customers come from? I mean, how did they first hear of you? How did they become more interested? How did they find out more and eventually sign up? It’s important to find the general ‘channels’ through which your prospects flow. Here we go […]

Get more appointments with this free Hubspot Sales Process Template

Consistent sales come from a consistent process Self-criticism: That title is probably the nerdiest thing I have ever written. I mean, it just sounds boring. Nasal voice: ‘Oooh you need to stick to the process. Consistency is key.’ But it’s true! If you are looking to scale your business, you don’t necessarily need a talented salesperson to do […]

“Why wouldn’t I sign up?” Is your product a no-brainer?

“I’d lose money if I didn’t sign up! Where do I sign??” Theoretically, this is the response you’re looking for when designing your product & sales process. You’re offering SO MUCH value that’s relevant to them that pretty much everyone you pitch your product to signs up. Running a lot of different sales campaigns, you get to […]