Why content is the basis for good lead generation

Content is about adding value and education. There are different ways that this can be done. For example, content can be infographics, pictures, articles and videos to name a few. What’s great about content is that it can be a really time-efficient way to pitch early-stage prospects, so that your sales team can spend time on warmer leads.

For example, for a property developer, they could make an investment guide. This could take care of initial questions can mean that they can spend their time on having productive later stage conversations.


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What to do with the content that you make

Content is only as useful as the audience it’s put in front of. Any blog or video you make should also have a plan to serve a purpose on generating leads. Share with your owned platforms, social media and content syndication platforms. Here are some tips on how to do this

You can measure it’s the effectiveness with a specific call to action. For example, you could focus on generating chat leads. We discuss a quick and easy funnel that you can make here. Here’s a simple step by step process:

  1. Create readable engaging content
  2. SEO Optimise and share through your channels
  3. Have Web Chat available 24/7 to start conversations and generate chat leads

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What should you write about?

The best method is thought leadership over hard selling. Remember, your visitors are all at different stages of the sales process, so focus on adding value. Though leadership is educational and customer-focused. This centres around understanding pain points and what your customer’s day-to-day is like.

What can you write about? Why not give actionable insight in the form of best practices? You could discuss beyond-the-product speaking about topics that are useful beyond the core aspects.


Promotional Content and Sales Oriented Content

Instead of customer-focused content, promotional content is company-first. This is usually sales-oriented like price lists and brochures. This type of promotional content is relevant and useful but only when farther down the line when the customer is ready. Coming back to the Property Developer example, you could do an expected ROI calculator.

Pay Per Lead Generation Campaigns

Thought leadership customer content should be at the beginning with promotional content during the end of the sales journey.

Capturing Chat Leads

We write a useful blog here about how to generate chat leads. Essentially there are 2 stages to converting leads. It’s really quite simple when you boil it down:

  1. Give them a reason to show up Attract visitors with exciting content
  2. Make the next step really easy Then offer a compelling next step

Convert Website Traffic Into Qualified Leads

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