A guaranteed way to ruin your chances of getting a meeting

A big problem that you already know about How often do you open your email inbox and find a message like this? “We have 18 year’s experience in a wide variety of sectors, offering our clients an excellent service in the many services that we offer, blah, blah, blah….” YAWN! I’m bored already! What’s more, […]

If you can’t say it in 3 sentences, then it’s not concise enough

Tips to generate leads using LinkedIn   Linkedin is an excellent way to connect with professionals and generate leads for your business. You can connect with almost anyone and introduce your business.  How do you generate leads using Linkedin? Below are some key Linkedin prospecting message tips to help generate valuable leads in a personalised way. What are you doing before you […]

How to exponentially grow your sales team

How to exponentially grow your sales team Many SME companies have a team of experience sales people, all of whom bring in a good source of new revenue for their company. These experienced sales people have really ‘got their eye in’ when it comes to making new sales. They know when to get in touch […]