“I’d lose money if I didn’t sign up! Where do I sign??”

Theoretically, this is the response you’re looking for when designing your product & sales process. You’re offering SO MUCH value that’s relevant to them that pretty much everyone you pitch your product to signs up.

Running a lot of different sales campaigns, you get to know all the different variables that have an impact on results. One biggie in regards to getting people to say yes in droves is how much of a no-brainer it is for them to do so.

Pay per lead chat


What makes a product a no-brainer? The benefits VASTLY outweigh the costs

There’s no fixed definition of a no-brainer really. It’s more about understanding your customer’s problems and then positioning your product in a way where the benefits of signing up VASTLY outweigh the costs to them. Typical examples include:

  • Giving a guarantee (100% satisfaction or you don’t pay)
  • Offering a free trial
  • Adding a related product which solves a really annoying problem for them, included in the price
  • Only focusing on customers who really experience the problem
  • It could be as simple as building an amazing reputation for what you do, so you’re always in high demand

What would this look like? For example, we do pay per lead chat which is 24/7 web chat but clients only pay for the leads we generate. Whatever a no-brainer means to you and your industry it really comes down:

  • Understanding what your customer’s problems are
  • How well your product solves it compared with everyone else out there


Pay per lead chat


Does your product make it hard for them to say yes?

This can be tough to identify because let’s face it, you’re biased on this. Really put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a second and go through these questions:

Who are you speaking to? 

Are we quoting people who have never heard of us or people who can’t move for hearing how amazing we are?

What are you asking for? 

Do I ask for a really big commitment right away? Can I ask for a smaller commitment and build up?

Can your customer fact-check what you say? 

Do we have a lot of credible testimonials, case studies and examples of our results to show what we do?

Can you offer a demo, trial or guarantee? 

Is it possible to structure your product in this way?

How well do you solve your customer’s problems? 

Is it possible to quantify how well you will solve a problem for them e.g. £XX saved or YY% improvement?

Are you their only option? 

Is it something they absolutely have to do and you’re the only/the best option?

How much do the benefits outweigh the costs? 

Is the value they get 10x more than what it costs them?


You can find out by looking at why people are saying yes or no to you. You can check out some great stuff here on gaining insight to your customer’s buying process & which sources of leads get you the best results


Pay per lead chat

It might not be your product, it might be how you present it

If you have a no-brainer but you’re not getting conversions, it might be the way you explain it. Go through the above questions and consider how easy you make it for the customer to see that:

  • Everyone’s raving about you
  • The commitment you need is easy for them to give
  • They don’t have to take your word for it because here’s a bunch of testimonials
  • We offer a free trial to get started
  • You will get them XX results and that is 10x more value than what they pay you
  • Realistically, you’re the best option out there

You can check out a blog here on how to position your sales process in this way


We like to think our pay per lead chat is a total no-brainer

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