Top tips for Live Chat Services UK & Worldwide

We like to provide tips for our customers on how to improve your service and conversion rate. We provide Live Chat Services UK and Worldwide. Here are some ways you can improve your online support.


Did you do a good job? Get their opinion

The basis of giving great customer service is to track customer satisfaction. Be sure to assess customer satisfaction after the chat. How do you do this? With a simple survey;

live chat services uk


Next, is what you do with this information. Host regular training sessions. Treat a formal pitch or training session as a two-way conversation with your team though. Get their side of the story too. Your team are facing your customers every day, use their expertise on how to talk and how to give great service.


Ask for reviews

Another way to work is to ask for reviews posted on Google My Business or IT’s a straightforward way to build your collection of glowing customer reviews. Simply post a review link in the chat asking them to provide honest feedback. This is important thing to note that you should get a good feel for your satisfactions levels first using the above live chat services uk tip.

Be very available

Your customers can’t see you from their end. Because of this, sometimes customers will doubt that you are working on helping them, so you need to show them. Small messages telling them what you’re up to is an important part of giving customers faith that they have been heard and their concerns are being addressed.

Also, respond really quickly. Don’t have a form that then says “We’ll get back to you in a day or two”. A slow response time is potentially more damaging than not having a live chat services UK channel.

For example, we base our good service on a fast and helpful response time. Our average is 25 seconds to respond, compared with over 1 minute as the industry average;

Tips for live chat services uk


Pay As you Go Live Chat Services UK & Worldwide

If you own a small business or have a small support team and want to be available to online visitors, integrating live chats is the way to go. Our Pay As You Chat Customer Service, a live person is at your disposal to answer your visitors questions around the clock. A great live chat conversation between you and your visitors can help your business grow.

This works particularly well for IT services companies who need additional support & ticket processing assistance or for e-commerce companies who need a 24/7 shop assistant. Having a live chat interaction with a customer is the same as having a personal sales assistant 24/7 to guide customers through the buying process. It is also much easier to do up-selling and cross-selling.

Our customers have found that Live Chat is not only a customer support tool but also a way to generate more sales and leads. The live chat gives business owners invaluable feedback on their products and services, helps visitors and paying customers, and allows you to tailor your corporate website to the actual customer input.

Many customers outsource their  Live Chat Services UK & Worldwide, business owners can address their customer concerns in real-time. Live chat support services allow your business to develop insightful conversations with customers in a cost-effective, personalized, and effective way. Companies that use these services offer immediate solutions to their customers

Protecting your data

It’s really important that you have a team who are here to promote your brand in the right way. The majority of our team are UK based but we do work 24/7.

For our team members outside of the UK, we only hire representatives from countries with the same high standard of GDPR laws as the UK e.g.

  • Most of our team is UK based, we only hire from countries with high standard GDPR laws
  • EU countries
  • Argentina
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland

This list is accurate at time of publishing. The full list is available and full details about this is available on the ICO website. You can also see more about this on our Privacy Policy and how we protect your data here.

Only Pay For Chats We Take

We’re available 24/7 but we likely won’t always be needed by your visitors 24/7. We charge only for chats that we take:

  • We provide 24/7 live support and chat services to provide real-time help to your customers. This means better customer satisfaction and an improved reputation.
  • Generate more leads from your website visitors: Our chat support managers work closely with your extended staff to generate competent leads from our website visitors.
  • Not to worry if it is a nuisance or spam, we simply flag it and you aren’t charged for the chat.

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