Should I be generating leads with content?

Marketed to leads are generally warmer than cold leads. Why? Because, of course they are! They’ve come to you, which reflects some level of intent to buy. Generating leads with content is an excellent way to grow your business

This isn’t to say that outbound campaigns aren’t effective. In fact, they are especially effective when you proactively follow up on leads like this. This is why on all of our outbound campaigns, we always focus on data which has been marketed to and ideally has shown signs of engagement.

You’d be surprised how much more effective your campaigns will be if you pepper them with super useful content.

Seeds, nets and spears: Remember this?

For any avid readers of our blog, you’ll remember that we talked about using inbound, outbound and partnership building together to grow your business. Seeds, nets and spears shows how generating leads with content will support the results of your other efforts:

  • Good content will back up all the messages your salesperson is saying e.g. testimonials, case studies, explainer videos
  • Content also helps show a company why they would want to partner with you to open your product to their network e.g. blogs, press releases, awards, etc

Seriously, check out 2 blogs here on generating leads with content;

Seeds, nets and spears: 3 types of lead generation

What types of content will be useful for lead generation?


Generating leads with content outline

There are a few steps to this, all of which build upon each other:

  1. Have a super valuable bit of content for them to get their hands on
  2. Have a way to get your website in front of them
  3. Make it easy for them to say ‘yes’ (eg a free trial, a meeting, a quote, etc)

We talk about the first 2 in this 4 minute guide to generating more leads with your website. This blog is about stage 3.

Start the conversation

We’ve now got a bunch of interested potential customers visiting and re-visiting your website. The awesome content and distribution has done it’s job. Now, you want to find out who’s visiting your site and find a way to start the conversation

Get a web chat widget set up

First off, get set up. Here are 3 options for you. As part of Hubspot’s free package, they offer B2B Analytics so you can see how many and who is visiting your site. They also do live chat widgets, including some basic chatbots. Other ones include & Live Chat that you can install right now yourself to start that conversation.

How do I start the conversation?

Generating leads with content by is most effective by personalising their experience. Personalise your visitor’s experience by starting the chat with a message relevant to their journey so far. Here are a few examples:

  • Welcome back – acknowledge that they are a regular of your’s
  • Day and time – Good morning/afternoon, happy Tuesday, etc. Acknowledge that this isn’t a generic hello, you’re speaking to them right now
  • Content – Ask if they liked the video, or if they found the blog they read interesting
  • Their source – A lot of the time, you can see where they came from, ask about it. Did you find us on Facebook?

The goal here is to prompt further conversations. Remember to answer their questions but capture key info so you can follow up with them at the agreed time.

Generating leads with content

Real humans are here 24/7 to start the conversation for you

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A webchat lead converts 2x better than a contact form lead

Typically, a webchat lead converts 2x better than a contact form lead. But don’t take our word for it, let us prove it to you with a free trial!

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