Our promise to you


“It’s not about selling, it’s about learning how your customers buy.”

What makes Park Row Marketing unique? 

Our Data Driven Lead Generation campaigns grow your business to your satisfaction. We have two things which really sets us apart from the competition.


#1: Our collaborative feedback-based culture

At Park Row Marketing, our sales team are genuinely empowered to make campaigns better. We are very open and honest with each other about what good looks like, expected goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Naturally, everyone’s held accountable to mutually agreed targets. However, Managers are also held accountable to continually seeking feedback and removing any barriers to Team Members hitting those targets.

This is very different from traditional ‘boiler-room’ telemarketing. In the old way of doing things, where there’s a fixed way and very limited flow of information back and forth between Agents and Managers.  

Part of each Team Member’s job is to let us know what’s working and what’s not. If someone has an idea about how to improve an aspect of this it is considered and readily taken on board. 


#2: Our bespoke system

We’ve developed a system ourselves that measures how good a job we’re doing and learns how to do it better. We can look at a multitude of granular approaches too. This helps make it really easy to replicate results across multiple campaigns.


Data Driven Lead Generation – Our promise to you

As a client of parkrow.marketing, our promises to you are;

  1. Tailored to your sales process – We will continually develop the campaign to fit around how customers buy from you.
  2. Build on our track record – for many products & industries, we can directly recommend an approach because we have a proven track record of results.
  3. Data Driven Lead Generation approach – You know a lot about all of the different stages of the campaign and how we are performing. We regularly use this information to learn how to do things better; to speak to more people, to pitch better, to get more interest & to get more commitment.
  4. Guaranteed standard of leads – We will get leads up to the standard that we agreed. If they aren’t at the right standard, simply send them back and we’ll happily re-qualify and re-book.
  5. The best salesperson for the job – We will place agents on the campaign who we know have a great track record.
  6. Transparent & very available – We will be continually open with you about how things are going. We make a point of being very available with our one working day response promise.
  7. Long term value – in addition to finding opportunities and customers right now, you get a future pipeline in the form of renewal dates marketing and sales quantified leads.
  8. Planting trees – we also plant trees as we grow your business.

Don’t focus on how to sell something, but on how customers buy it


You always try to focus on what we know to be true. The focus isn’t on how we can sell better, but rather how we can get more customers to buy. Focusing on how they feel and the value that we’re adding in terms of the buying process.


Long term value to your business

With our telemarketing & LinkedIn campaigns, we focus on both short term and long term. Whilst we find you leads right now, we will also build a pipeline for the future. Renewal dates, hot callbacks and opt-in lists are provided to you at the end of the campaign.


Data Driven Lead Generation Our Brand Promise


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