Sometimes you win by being more ready than your competition

A story from my old rugby club As a teenager, I played rugby in a local club called Bristol Saracens RFC. As with many sports clubs, it was a great place to socialise, to exercise and as my mum used to put it “Keep me out of trouble”. I’m sure the vast majority of adults […]

B2B Sales Pitch Tips: Strategic Thinking

Don’t just jump into pitching! Ask questions first Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus is a name you don’t hear often, except outside of the Punic War. He’s famously known for ‘Fabian Tactics’ in the Roman’s War against Carthage. Essentially, he was famous for only fighting battles when they had an overwhelming advantage. All other times, he […]

Should I include an FAQ in my proposal?

Short Answer is: Yes you should A key to closing more sales is answering all of your Prospect’s questions. They need to know that you’re the best company for the job on so many levels; Can they trust you to do a good job? Will you communicate with them in a way that makes their […]

60 Second Pitch Tips

60 Second Pitch Tips to help you at your next networking event As a business owner, you’re frequently in scenarios where you need to concisely showcase why your business is amazing at what you do. For example, this could be at a networking event, finding a mentor or pitching for funding or investment. Or if […]