Lead generation tips


“Having a sales process that adds value to your customer is the single biggest competitive advantage that you can have” – Owen Wood”

Qualifying lead tips

How should your sales team qualify leads prior to meetings? When getting the meeting, you can give yourself a great chance of success by finding out:

  • Size of opportunity 
  • Reason for changing
  • Emotional drive to change
  • What’s important to them
  • Budget
  • Timescale
  • Decision making process

Outline of our sales process

Are you hiring your first sales person? You’ll need to give them a minimum viable process on which to follow. Something which you know will get a profitable amount of sales, provided they follow it correctly. This sales process isn’t about specific sales techniques, it’s about helping the customer to see that your company ticks all the right boxes for them:


  1. Find out – Asking the right questions to arm yourself with key bits of information
  2. Match needs – Making it incredibly easy for them to know what they need to know about you
  3. Be helpful – Being proactive and super helpful when it comes to helping the customer answer all of the questions they need to answer
  4. Hold them to timescales – Structuring the conversation in such a way that you can get an answer from them sooner, rather than later


Nothing to it, eh? Like I said, we’re not here to tell you what to do, this is about showing you ways that we’ve found has worked for us. This will take you through what we do:


Before the meeting

Reviewing the information that we provide you with

During the meeting

Building rapport, matching needs and collecting information

Providing the quote

Providing a well-formatted, well-structured quote quickly

Following up and closing

Helping them answer all of their questions and holding them to specific timescales


Sales are won or lost after the sales meeting

The sales meeting, or quote meeting, is only about 60%-70% along the sales process. Successful sales is all in the follow up and helping your Prospect to see that you’re the best fit for them.


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