Finance Appointment Setting Tips

We love to help grow mortgage and insurance companies. Over the years, we’ve picked up some tips which we’d like to share with you here! Our Finance Appointment Setting Tips apply to both B2B & B2C companies, so check them out:

Finance Appointment Setting Tips


Finance Appointment Setting Tip 1: Consider The Source of Data

Lining up the right customers starts with finding the right prospects. A good way to do this is to catch customers at the right time. Regularly reviewing your different sources of leads is part of a healthy management routine. To help you with this, here’s a few articles or resources which can get you started:

Which source of leads converts the best?

Commercial Insurance Lead Generation Case Study

FCA Selling Guidelines

Which Questions Are Important to Ask?


Tip 2: Make It Easy For Them

Selling in the Financial Services Industry requires a lot of due diligence, paperwork and capturing the right information. This can often be where Financial Services sales stall. Fortunately, there are a lot of customer verification products out there which you can use to speed up this process. Many of these also improve the customer experience, like Veriff or Diro.


Finance Appointment Setting Tip 3: Stick to the Rules & Use Audits To Your Advantage

Your sales team want to do well, whilst sticking to the rules. As a Sales Manager, it’s important to enable this through the right feedback loops, the right KPIs and training. Here are a few links which will help you guide your sales process to finding the right customers whilst treating them fairly.

Incentivising the right things

Identify and protect potentially vulnerable individuals

Optimising your sales process  

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