Cleaning lead generation tips

Are you looking for help with cleaning lead generation? Below are some tips to help you find more cleaning leads.

When do companies change their cleaners?

Companies like to hire contract cleaners for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the cleaning is taken care of. As such, if everything’s going well, then companies don’t want to think about reviewing their cleaning.

“The cleaning is okay enough”

How many times have you heard companies say that the cleaning is ‘okay?’ ‘Okay’ cleaning means that it’s good enough for them to not need to think about it.


cleaning lead generation


A lot can go wrong with cleaning

As cleaning is such a labour intensive, a lot can go wrong. The key to cleaning lead generation is to establish meaningful relationships with Prospects so that you’re ready to quote when something goes wrong.


Great cleaning lead generation methods

Provide useful content

First and foremost, be really useful to your Prospect. Companies want peace of mind knowing that their cleaning is taken care of. Provide useful tips and advice to help make sure that their cleaning is taken care of.

Talk about topics that you know are important to your clients, like the health of their team, the transparency of checklists and how accountability is essential in cleaning.

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Connect with your Prospect in a personal way

Use social media and networking to create a personal connection with your Prospect. Make sure that you’re connecting with them in a way that adds value to the Prospect. You can do this by:

  • Sharing your useful content
  • Finding out what’s important to them regarding cleaning
  • Find out timescales when they like to talk about their cleaning
  • Personalise your messages to them, don’t send generic spammy messages


Be helpful and be ready

Your Prospect will trust you thanks to your meaningful, personalised approach. Because cleaning is such a labour intensive job, things will eventually go wrong with their existing cleaners. Whenever your Prospect needs to review their cleaning, you’ll be top of mind to provide a quote that they can trust


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