Lead qualification tips

As well as finding out the value of a lead, an important part of a lead generation effort is finding out the context behind why someone is changing supplier. We talk a lot in our blogs about the importance of knowing the context behind someone reviewing.

Lead qualification tips


Lead qualification tip #1: Increase your focus

Sales people have a certain amount of hours each month to make you a certain amount of money. The best way for them to make this money for you is for them to spend their time speaking to leads that are high profit, high conversion rates and easy for you to service.

The key to sales is context. If you know why someone is looking to change supplier, then you have an incredible edge over your competition. Why? For 2 main reasons:

1 You can focus your sales team on where they add lots of value (or not) 

You want your sales team to attend quotes which have a good chance of winning. By knowing the context, you know if this opportunity is a good one for you to pursue. By focusing your sales team on the leads that are high profit, high conversion rates and easy for you to service, you maximise your income from that sales person. Check out our 5x Your Sales Webinar here.

2 The most relevant quote wins, so make sure that you tailor your pitch

By knowing why someone is looking to change supplier, you can tailor your pitch to focus on the points that really matter to them. This vastly increases your chances of winning the business because you make it easy for them to know why you’re amazing. Check out our Most Relevant Quote Wins Webinar here.


Lead qualification tip #2: Ask more questions

Approach lead generation from an abundance mindset. The thing is,  there are millions of opportunities available every day. Billions even. With so many opportunities, it’s just a case of finding the right ones for your business. A great way to do that is to ask questions. Of the lead qualification tips, this one’s a biggie: ask more questions.

Here’s what you want to find out:

  • Current solution: What their current solution is
  • Why now: What’s caused or triggered them to look now? Is this a periodic review or has something gone wrong?
  • Severity of problems: Find out what problems they’re facing and how big of a problem that actually is to them
  • Next time around: In light of these problems, what would they want different next time around?
  • Who decides and influences: Who’s involved in the decision-making process?
  • Where they came from: How did they found out about you?

This lead qualification tip is very important. these questions are vital in filling out the rest of the picture so that you can make sure your sales team hit the sales target.


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