7 sales generation tips for IT companies

Are you looking for ways to grow your IT client base? We’ve got years of experience in running IT services campaigns ranging from SaaS Products, VR Systems, CRM systems, Mobile Apps, Cyber Security, to Bespoke Software. There’s a lot of potential pitfalls when selling IT products.


Why? Because people will buy for different reasons compared with other products. As such, we thought it worth boiling down some key lessons we’ve learnt into 7 sales generation tips for IT companies.


Here’s the problem, what your product ‘means’ to each customer is unique

Software and IT products are a funny thing because of what it’d actually do for each client. Whilst your Cloud-Based storage offer can be identical to each customer, what it actually means for them can vary widely. For example, the same Cloud-Based system could:

  1. Save in fixed costs – Allow one company to transform into a remote working force, enabling them to dramatically lower their office costs.
  2. Increase employee efficiency – Another company might need it to better organise their files and dramatically reduce wasted time looking up customer details.
  3. Expand into new areas – Your Cloud-Based system could also be the infrastructure a company needs to launch into a new country and build a team there.

The point is, the key to selling IT products and services is educating the customer on what this could truly mean. Next, you then help them figure out how this would work for them. As such, you need to change your sales and marketing process to fit here are 7 sales generation tips for IT companies.


Tip 1: Educating your customer is way better than Pitching them

IT products are one of those things that companies actually have to put in a lot of effort themselves when buying. What they’re actually buying from you is a way of working. Usually, this means when you’re pitching your product, you’re actually saying;


“Hi, would you like to completely change how you work and all the headaches that go with that process?”


This means that emotional investment needs to be high for them to really commit. As such, make sure that you’ve totally educated your customer on why your product is a no-brainer. Instead of pitching them, educate them on how to figure out how much more productive they’ll be after buying your product.


Tip 2: It’s not a transactional sale

Selling IT services isn’t a transactional sale. What do I mean by that? I mean that it’s not always obvious to the Prospect that they actually need what you’re selling (Of course, you and I both know that they do need your product).

Because it’s not always immediately obvious that they need you, it’s not always effective to take a direct approach of “Would you like to buy my new App?”. What’s better is to qualify contacts via marketing before going for the sales pitch.


Tip 3: Inbound marketing is good for you

This kind of follows on from points one and two. I know it’s really cheap to buy a B2B Data List and stick a Legitimate Interest Flag up, but that’s not going to get you anywhere. What’s much better for you is to let Prospects ‘Hand raise’ somehow.

How can you do this? Here’s a blog I created which gives an outline of a simple marketing funnel that you can create right now.


Tip 4: Literally become part of how they work

What your new IT product will be replacing is a system. A way of working. As such, the more that you can be a bedrock on how they work, the more value you are to them. Be an integral part of their infrastructure.

How do you do this? Get to know how they work, the ins and outs of it. Then you not only let your system become part of how they work, but let your team become part of their team. Be the IT services guru that they always needed.


Tip 5: Don’t hand out free trials like chocolates

Free Trials sound like a No-Brainer but it’s not always so. In fact, a lot of unqualified prospects won’t value a free trial in the way that you deserve. Why is this? Because a free trial isn’t free. Going back to Tip 1’s point, even a free trial will require work and effort on their end.

As such it’s really important to qualify contacts before you offer free trials.

7 sales generation tips for IT companies


Tip 6: Make sure that you’re doing the onboarding, not them

This builds on Tip 4. Don’t trust them to do the onboarding smoothly with a brand new system that they’re completely unfamiliar with. The Prospect is bound to get something wrong and get frustrated and will sour your efforts so far. Make sure that you’re at least providing content that guides them through the set up process in a way that makes it easy for them.


Tip 7: Upsell and Cross-sell products that add even more value to their lives

Building on Tip 4, you should be the one with a suite of products which could all potentially transform their work-lives. Don’t spoil everything by pitching your whole range though. You’ve worked really hard to win this relationship with one product, now you can get to know more about how they work. Use this information to suggest products only that you know will definitely add value to their lives.

This way, you become more and more valuable over time to them. Consequently, they become more and more valuable over time to you.


We hope you liked our 7 sales generation tips for IT companies

We hope you enjoyed these 7 sales generation tips for IT companies. If you’re looking for more IT Services Leads, we can help you to grow your business on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. Feel free to ask us a question 24/7 on our web chat or get in touch on the contact us page.

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