Consistent sales come from a consistent process

Self-criticism: That title is probably the nerdiest thing I have ever written. I mean, it just sounds boring. Nasal voice: ‘Oooh you need to stick to the process. Consistency is key.’

But it’s true! If you are looking to scale your business, you don’t necessarily need a talented salesperson to do it. Rather, you’d do better with an amazing sales process and a chatty, friendly agent with minimal actual sales experience.


Give your sales team confidence in the way you do things

Argh, another boring sounding title. Everyone wants to know that they’re doing a good job in their role. You are responsible for helping make that happen by giving your sales team good data, a good method of pitching and an achievable but ambitious target.

Salespeople have an off day sometimes. Your sales team’s morale is vital to helping them get you more appointments or sales. As such, you need to give them something they can be confident that will help them hit the target.

I’m often asked what my best appointment setting method is. One of my biggest B2B appointment setting tips is to pay attention to what’s happening before you get in touch and what’s happening after you get in touch. Sales can be seen as a series of stages and you need to help move Prospects along with a good sales process.


What’s your sales process?

Whilst we give a lot of B2B appointment setting tips here, we also talk about designing a sales process a fair bit. Here are a few blogs which you might want to point your eyeballs at

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A simple marketing funnel that you can use right now

The point is, it’s important to see your sales as a series of stages which you help your potential customer go through until they reach the sale. Once you have that, you can share that with a new sales rep and expect consistent results from them.


B2B appointment setting tips


Free Hubspot Sales Process Template

We genuinely do love Hubspot. They provide a huge amount of value in the service they provide and the content they put out there. From their free sales & marketing courses to their huge knowledge base like this one on building a great sales process, we gobble up that knowledge.

This one is particularly good as they give you insight into the wider theory behind things in addition to actually giving you a framework to start with. Whether you have a sales process or not, I recommend you check it out;

This is good as an initial start or a new way of helping you look at your existing sales process. Either way, if you internalise it I’m sure you’ll learn something and make more sales as a result.

Hope you found this useful

I hope you found the above sales process & B2B appointment setting tips useful. If you didn’t know already, we do lead generation via Web Chat, LinkedIn and Telemarketing & help can you to close the sale with sales coaching. What’s more, we plant trees as we grow your business. If you’d like any more B2B appointment setting tips, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help