What options do you have for Sales Meetings right now?

Ah, it used to be so simple. “Should we meet face to face or have a phone chat?” Now with lockdown, you have so many options. “Shall we Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp Video call or Skype?”

That’s a lot of different ways to chat to a Prospect, so how do you get the best out of your B2B sales meetings? One of the benefits of a Face to Face was that you created that personal connection. Another was that you could simply get more done in a Face to Face a lot of the time. Never to be outdone, our clients have had truly ingenious ways to take meetings that really create a personal connection or get the info they need. Here are some B2B sales meeting tips directly from our clients;


Need a site survey? Get them to send a video

One of our clients need to do site surveys, both to price up sales and also for Health and Safety reasons. This used to be great for creating a connection, but took up hours of drive-time in the car. Point to Point travel time made their days a lot less efficient.

What they now do is ask prospects to;

  1. Send a floorplan over
  2. Either do a Whatsapp Video call or Send them a video where they go around their site, talking about the job

This has had a great impact on their Prospect’s perceived service. Not only has this meant that meetings can be done quicker, but this means they can actually send pricing quicker too. As a side note, their audit trail for Health and Safety is actually easier to handle now as well.

A simple change like this has meant that their time is being a lot better used. What’s more, since they aren’t driving everywhere, they can now respond quicker. As such Prospects are happier with their overall service, helping to boost sales conversion rates.


Not sure which one to do? Make and send a video pitch first

Sometimes there’s a reluctance to have Video calls as everyone is working from home. If your Prospect is reluctant to commit to a video call, how do you still get the required level of personal connect?

The title of this section kind of gives it away; Send them a video pitch first. A 60-120 second video, personally made for them. Do you need to make a video for each prospect? Yes.

B2B sales meeting tips

A big part of our B2B sales meeting tips is to emphasise how different you are to the competition. How much you care compared with others. The key here is the uniqueness of it all. Send either a Web Cam Video or Screenshot video, pitching your product and relating it to their company specifically. Need help with your 60 second pitch? Check out this blog

What happens if they only want a phone call in the end? Then no matter, you’ve already been personal by sending them a friendly, unique video. If they do want a video call in the end, then great! This technique helps ensure that, whatever their preferences, you still get to add the personal touch.


The more that you show you care, the better your chances

These 2 B2B sales meeting tips are designed to show your Prospect just how adaptive and responsive you are to their needs in a trying time. Both of these options actually create a better outcome for both you and your Prospect, so why not give them a go?

We hope you enjoyed these B2B sales meeting tips. Our campaigns are designed to not only generate results but to do it at the lowest price possible. Many of our clients like to start with our Pay-Per-Lead Web Chat to kickstart their growth. We also offer Pay-Per-Lead LinkedIn lead generation as part of our LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns.


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