How to exponentially grow your sales team

Many SME companies have a team of experience sales people, all of whom bring in a good source of new revenue for their company. These experienced sales people have really ‘got their eye in’ when it comes to making new sales. They know when to get in touch with Prospects, they know the pitch and they know how to keep clients happy so that they always re-order.

How do you get to the next stage of growth and exponentially grow your business? How do you grow your sales team from 10-100 sales people? Here’s a framework for you. There are 3 main stages to scaling your business:

  1. Get the metrics right: Build a team of 10 sales people with a consistent model of sales roles, appointment setting, marketing and healthy profit margins
  2. Make sure you can handle it: Can your Operations team handle a massive influx of new business yet?
  3. Become a sales leader: Exponentially grow your team by creating more and more Sales Managers


appointment setting


Step 1: Get the metrics right

First, you need to know that your sales team are going to make you a consistent profit. You need to spend the time building a model of Identifying the Audience, Engaging through Marketing, Appointment Setting and Closing Sales.

To help you figure this out, we’ve got some useful resources for you to look at below:

Identifying the Audience: Identify your perfect customer with this free Customer Persona Template here

Engaging through Marketing: Here’s a free Marketing Funnel model that you can use right now

Appointment Setting: Help your sales team hit targets by making best use of their time. Here are some tips for qualified appointment setting

Closing Sales: Build a consistent method of closing sales to make revenue predictable. Here’s a free way to follow up to consistently close sales


Step 2: Would new business make life hell for your Operations Team?

Your sales team are going to make promises on your company’s behalf, what’s your capacity to make good on those promises?

You don’t want to grow so fast that the quality is impaired. You do a great job and that’s why your customers stick with you. Finding new customers isn’t worth annoying a lot of people in the process, especially making promises that are beyond your capacity to deliver.

It can always be tempting to find new customers but be pragmatic about your growth. For example, if your Training Course capacity is 100 spaces, you can’t sell 150 spaces because then you’d have 50 very mad customers. That does more harm than good.

In a nutshell, make sure that your Operations Team can handle the influx of growth that you’re preparing for. You don’t necessarily need to have it all figured out, just know that you can consistently do a great job as you grow.


Step 3: Become a Sales Leader

Next, hire or train a Sales Leader for your business. Do you know what a Sales Leader is? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it before. A Sales Leader’s job is to help exponentially grow your sales force by not managing the sales team directly, but by developing Sales Managers who each can manage a team of 10 sales people.

A Sales Leader’s KPIs and targets are centred around:

  1. Increasing the number of Sales Managers & their Sales Agents
  2. Strategically overseeing the KPI’s and productivity to generate sales are adhered to
  3. Liaising with the Marketing, Appointment Setting & Operations teams to make sure everyone’s happy with your inputs and outputs


Qualified Appointment Setting to help scale your business

We work with companies who are expanding into new regions and need qualified appointment setting to help support their new business growth. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about our Pay-Per-Lead Appointment Setting