Gaining a competitive advantage

A good way to gain a competitive advantage is to think of your sales and marketing differently. Managers who are looking to increase their conversion rate of leads can use our sales blog to scale their business. We give you thoughts, tips and takeaways that you can apply to your own sales team to help get more sales

Ways to gain a competitive advantage

First off, perform market research. Do you know the features & benefits of your competitors compared with yours?

Do you know your competitor’s sales & marketing process? As well as having needs on the features of the product, customers have needs of the sales process itself. For example, how they are sold to. Such a sophisticated sales process is less important when the sales process is short.

Your competitors will have likely spent a long time designing their product, but have they designed their sales process?


Your sales team’s real job

Given the choice, customers would rather not have to think about changing. Why? Because of their hectic schedule and so many other things to sort out, they find it hard to dedicate the time to sort it out. 

This is where your sales team come in. Their job is to help them systematically answer all of the questions that they have about you and your company. Your job is to make it incredibly easy for them to tick all their boxes on:

  • Level of detail
  • Communication method
  • Value for money

B2B appointment setting companies can help focus your sales team’s time. This allows them to focus on quoting and closing.


b2b appointment setting companies


How B2B appointment setting companies your team’s efforts

Why should you go to the trouble of designing a sales process? With a longer sales process with many stages, you need to make sure that your sales team are moving customers through the stages quickly. B2B appointment setting companies can help give you a structure to make this happen;

  • Pre-meeting questions
  • Meeting
  • Proposal
  • Buy in from different departments & different decision-makers
  • Signature
  • Onboarding the client


“A sales process that consistently converts quotes into customers is the single biggest advantage that you can have over your competitors” 


Actions to improve your sales process

B2B appointment setting companies give extra structure to grow your business. Here’s a few actions which you can take to improve your sales team right now;

  • Use a CRM like Hubspot to track email opens, link clicks and document views
  • Review your existing customers to see if there are any patterns to when/why customers buy from you
  • Start a pre-meeting questionnaire to find out keys bits of info
  • Get a proposal writer to make you a template that hits home
  • On your proposal; offer 2 options and a time-limited offer
  • Make a Mini-Yes checklist which you ask your sales team to run through 
  • Use an e-signer for agreements so you can see when they view it
  • Record ‘no’s and the reasons why


How B2B appointment setting companies can help

Focused agencies are here to perform a very specific function for your business. What would this mean to you? By lining up agencies with your sales process, you can see us as a consistent source of growth and new business.

B2B appointment setting companies like Park Row Marketing can help scale your business. By lining up the process you have a Sales & marketing stream that you can predict. See this blog about making sales projections. Get in touch if you have any questions