So Much Can Get Done In A Conversation

What role does warm/cold data play in B2B Appointment Setting? So much gets done when you’re speaking to the right person at the right time. As a Sales Manager, a key question you should ask is “How many meaningful conversations are my Sales Team having per hour/per day?”


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Your sales person is just 1/3 of what influences B2B Appointment Setting

There are 3 key aspects to sales which impact B2B Appointment Setting

  1. The sales process
  2. The marketing that you do
  3. The talents of the sales person

To me, as a business owner, this is quite empowering. The abilities of a sales person is just 1/3 of the factors that influence results. Put the systems in place to generate the interest so that it’s actually incredibly straightforward to hit target.

B2B Appointment Setting


What do we mean by ‘Data Quality’?

Quality of data essentially means how well the data supports maximising the amount of hot prospects your team speak to per hour:

  1. Decision Maker – Are they definitely the right person?
  2. Number of times contacted – How many times have we attempted to contact them already?
  3. Contact details – Do we have the right phone and email for them?
  4. Awareness – Are they aware of the company we’re representing?
  5. Interest – How much do we know about their level of interest?
  6. Buying timeline – Do we know when they’d be looking to purchase?
  7. Current supplier – Do we know anything about their current supplier?

It’s all of these factors which impact the number of hot prospects we speak to per hour. The more hot prospects you speak to per hour, the more successful your B2B Appointment Setting will be.


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