Short Answer is: Yes you should

A key to closing more sales is answering all of your Prospect’s questions. They need to know that you’re the best company for the job on so many levels;

  • Can they trust you to do a good job?
  • Will you communicate with them in a way that makes their life easy?
  • Does your price reflect enough value? Is the total price in line with their budget?
  • Can they be confident that you’ll be responsive to changing needs?
  • Do all the stakeholders agree on the above points?

You’re probably not going to get to speak to every influencer & Decision Maker

That’s a lot of questions to answer! Additionally, with high-value B2B sales, there is usually more than one decision-maker or influencer. You’re probably going to meet the main decision-makers at the meeting, but you might not meet all of them.

What if you’ve answered all of one person’s questions, but someone you never met has the exact same concerns? What if the decision-maker you met with doesn’t have the time to answer those concerns or at least tell them that you covered it at the meeting?

Well, you might lose the sale, that’s what. You need to know that everyone involved in decision making has all of their questions answered. That’s a surefire way to get ahead in selling.

Include an FAQ sheet

If you aren’t going to speak to everyone, then make sure that you have an answer for every problem faced by your potential client. Here’s a great bit of B2B sales advice, include this in your proposal along with:

  • Questions/Concerns specific to that client and how you’ll solve them
  • Common questions & concerns that your clients would have e.g. how long until you get started, what are payment terms like, what do to if there’s a problem, etc
  • Examples of great jobs you have done before

The last one is a bit of a curveball, but a commonly overlooked question is;

“Are these guys any good?”

If someone isn’t sure if you’ll actually be able to perform, they might stick with their current mediocre supplier. Better the devil you know and all that.

Example FAQs

To help you out, I recommend doing an idea generating session with your sales team, your customer service team and your ops team, where you ask them each the top 25 most commonly asked questions they get.

Asking them to do so many will really get ideas flowing. Of the 3 x 25 FAQs, you then combine these and take the top 25 of those 75 FAQs and include them in the Proposal. Common example FAQs we get are:

  • Is this campaign GDPR Compliant?
  • Do we need to provide the data?
  • Do we need to run marketing campaigns to the data prior to contact?
  • How long do the campaigns last?
  • Do we get call recordings?
  • What if the Prospect asks to reschedule a meeting?
  • Do you need a branded email address from us?


You see? Common questions which help ‘flesh out’ your proposal and give them a better sense of what working with you will be like. They want to know that you’ve thought of everything and they can trust you to do a good job. This will greatly increase your chances of converting sales.