Saas B2B Lead Generation & Sales Tips

If you are a well-financed start-up, you can afford to lose money on acquisitions and finding new customers. If you are bootstrapping, you don’t have that luxury. A lot of early-stage testing is trying to find the best model that works for you. A lot of sales is about finding the right opportunities and so SaaS B2B Lead Generation is a key activity.

How can you ensure an early ROI? When a customer is worth over £1000 per year, it becomes cash-positive to find a SaaS B2B Lead Generation company to find opportunities for you. Some companies charge per lead, while others done offer such guarantees. We have a range of Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Call services which can help fulfill your SaaS B2B Lead Generation needs

The problem with SaaS B2B Lead Generation

The problem with SaaS B2B Lead Generation companies is that they are largely temporary or focused on one-off campaigns. You pay them to a big retainer to deliver leads and either it works or it doesn’t. With our Pay Per Lead services, we are a flexible part of your team to help you grow long term.


The problem with SaaS lead generation is that it’s hard to identify precisely who requires your services right now. This is because your product is more focused on how a company works rather than a specific type of company. Tough-to-target leads are ideal for pay-per-lead generation campaigns. If you are in the market for good leads that are hard to find at a cost of acquisition that is competitive, we can help you acquire high quality leads at a healthy price.

SaaS B2B Lead Generation Tips

What counts as a lead?

Our Pay Per Lead campaigns essentially guarantee to get the conversation up to a pre-agreed point. Precisely what that is is largely up to you. There’s a strong guarantee with this too. We like to make a precise definition of a lead, in terms of company type and qualifying criteria.

We like to track how many leads it takes to turn a lead into a customer for you. This helps us to continue to improve our qualifying criteria to improve the conversion rate.


Need help with SaaS B2B Lead Generation?

Now that lockdown is ending, this is the perfect time to find customers who are ready to buy. A stready flow of leads will make all the difference in 2021. As a business development agency, our services are designed to kickstart your growth and then scale your business.

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