Using Web Chat To Increase Funnel Conversion Rates

We work with lots of tech companies, generating inbound and outbound commercial leads. As a Platform Lead generation agency, we use our integrated campaigns. We use LinkedIn, Web Chat and Telemarketing to book meetings for our clients. How do you generate more demos or discovery calls for your sales team? We share some tips and common pitfalls below.


Use Case: Who Wants To Talk On Web Chat?

You can think of 24/7 web chat much like a shop assistant in a store, asking “Can I help?” to everyone who comes in. If you know what you need, then you don’t need to chat. You simply pick up the item and go to the register.

However, if you aren’t sure about something or have a question, then having someone there to help is great:

If you find the help you need: A responsive, friendly assistant can assure the sale by recommending products and even upselling on other items.

If the help you need isn’t available: Slow response or no help can result in lost sales as the customer looks for what they need elsewhere.

As a Platform Lead generation agency, we make ourselves available 24/7 on client’s websites to capture leads by answering their questions.

Platform Lead Generation Agency

Why Use Web Chat?

What use is web chat for generating leads? Responsive, friendly people available 24/7 on your website can be very useful to answer questions and capture information. This works best on landing pages and target websites at the end of Pay Per Click Funnels.


Benefits Of Using Web Chat

As a Platform Lead generation agency, we can increase leads and sales by:

  • Answering questions on technical documents
  • Responding to questions about case studies
  • Capturing interest on landing pages
  • Qualifying based on size of opportunity or level of interest


Potential Pitfalls To Using Web Chat

The main problem is the expectation that web chat makes. If you say you’re available to chat, you need to actually be available to chat.

A big frustration is when it’s a glorified contact form. For example, when a customer fills in the form to speak and then they receive a response “We’ll contact you within 1 working day”.

The point of web chat is that it’s a transition from a digital interaction to a human interaction. As such, it needs to feel easy. If it doesn’t feel easy, then it’s not going to give the experience that you want.

Here’s an example of our work. We make a point of being very available and very friendly. You can see our response time and chat satisfaction rating here.