Build your first marketing funnel

Not enough SME’s are taking advantage of automated a good marketing funnel and the increase in sales that it brings. Why use a digital marketing funnel to generate interest? 4 very good reasons

  1. Price – It costs less in contrast to traditional marketing
  2. Reach – It helps you reach a greater audience
  3. Behaviour – You can target your audience based on their behaviour and likelihood to buy, not just on general ‘point and shoot’ assumptions like demographics
  4. Measurable – All of this is VERY measurable so you can track your ROI

The good marketing funnel has taken a big leap advance in the past few years and continues to do so. Lots of funky tools out there enable you to keep a check on each movement on your site.

As you can expect, a good marketing funnel has become the most popular approach to grab prospect’s interest.

The best thing of a marketing funnel is that you can focus on making selling a win-win for everyone. You do not need to participate in door-to-door marketing, nor do you need to continually phone prospects to check if they’re ready to buy. You can focus on Prospects that are ready to buy and let your marketing do the hard work

Marketing funnel

Your small business marketing funnel

Here’s a simple marketing funnel that you can set up right now to generate interest and increase your sales. The essential outline of it is this:

  1. Be useful – Drive traffic to your website by offering something genuinely valuable to your customer. This could be prizes, discounts, useful information, free stuff. Something that’s hugely valuable but relatively inexpensive for you to give to them works well. Examples include giving them valuable info, like essentially telling them exactly what they need to do to solve their problem, then giving them the option to do it themselves or hire you to do it for them
  2. Collect information – Make sure that you’re getting something in return, like collecting email addresses or enquiries
  3. Add value through keeping in touch – Keep in touch with opt-ins and continue to offer loads of value to them through great blogs, great information and a great tone of conversion
  4. Encourage ‘hand raising’ – Give them lots of opportunities to let you know that they’re interested through asking for quotes, webchat, limited time offers, no obligation consultations, etc

Guarantee that your sales team hit target

We have a great post on how to guarantee that your sales team hit target through having a strong marketing funnel. That way, they’re going to make you maximum money possible because their time is only spent speaking to people who are looking to buy. You’re going to have a small sales team that churns out sales for you!

How to guarantee that your sales team hit target