B2B Qualified lead generation – How it works


Our B2B Qualified lead generation campaigns use a multi-channel approach to generate you sales opportunities on a results-focused basis. We use a combination of web-chat and LinkedIn and then provide you with support to help you close the sale.


What kind of lead generation do we do?

We have 4 different products and packages to help grow your business all in a cost-effective way. Our results-focused lead generation packages range from finding new contacts to helping you close the sale;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Pay Per Lead LinkedIn
  • Paying Per Lead Web Chat
  • Telemarketing

What counts as a ‘qualified lead’?

Each one our packages has a different outcome so we can find the best fit for you. Check out our helpful guide below to our different types of B2B Qualified lead generation to give you a quick idea of which one is good for you. We are happy to chat further to help answer your questions;

Pay Per Lead Web ChatAnswering your website visitors questions 24/7/365 and you only pay for the results that we get you
LinkedIn Lead GenerationWe fill your sales team’s time with qualified contacts who you know would be ideal for you
Sales Coaching Services Helping you to maximise your ROI by helping your sales team close more sales
SEO Content CampaignsSearch Engine Optimised content aimed at driving traffic to your website


Some of our specialisms

Our B2B lead generation campaigns span industries. During our time, we have developed teams and specialist ways of generating leads in specific industries. Working with us means you get to tap into our existing team and what we already know. We specialise in;

Commercial cleaning lead generation

Real Estate lead generation

Business rates lead generation

IT services lead generation

Invoice finance lead generation

Software as a Services (SaaS) lead generation

Results Focused BANT Qualified Lead Generation Highly qualified leads where we help you focus on only the best of the best opportunities

Pay-Per-Lead B2B Data Targeted, warm leads who want to hear more about your product

Don’t just take our word for it

With each of our B2B Qualified lead generation campaigns, you can expect us to have met the criteria required. You don’t have to just take our word for it though, we provide evidence for each and every lead in the form of call recordings, email threads or webchat transcripts so that you can see precisely how it meets the criteria.


We plant the seed

Park Row Marketing is proud to be Tree Ambassadors for the charity, One Tree Planted. We plant trees as we grow your business. What’s more, we’re happy to provide this evidence to your Community and Social Responsibility (CSR) Representative as well. This means you can include the number of trees we plant you each year in your CSR impact report.


You can find out more about why we plant trees as we generate leads here.


Tree planting lead generation Park Row Marketing


How much do B2B Qualified lead generation campaigns cost?

We can find a form of lead generation which fits with your business. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help grow your business