B2B Qualified lead generation – How it works


Our B2B Qualified lead generation campaigns use a multi-channel approach to generate you sales opportunities on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. We use a combination of web-chat, phone and email and then provide you with support to help you close the sale.

What counts as a ‘qualified lead’?

We agree a series of criteria on what counts as a lead. Once we’ve identified a Prospect that is interested in your service, we run through questions to qualify. If they meet all the agreed criteria, we book the appointment for you to attend. 

We want you to be confident in the quality of leads that we generate so we are transparent with how the lead was generated. With each lead, you receive:

  • A confirmed appointment booked in your calendar
  • Detailed notes of the meeting, outlining how this lead meets the pre-agreed criteria
  • A copy of the call recording, web chat transcript or emails so that you can see for yourself

B2B lead generation


This targeted, personalised approach works well for Business to Business (B2B) sales. These B2B Qualified lead generation campaigns work well for:

  • Companies who are looking for higher value B2B clients
  • Targeting your ideal client with account-based marketing
  • Companies who are looking for cost-effective growth

Web-chat lead generation

We help you to convert more leads from the existing traffic to your site through Website Live Chat. Our operators are available Mon-Fri 9-5pm to answer your website visitor’s questions about your company and capture leads. If you’re a round-the-clock operation, can also quote for 24/7 web chat.

Find out more on our web-chat page here


Email marketing to an audience of one

Email is an excellent way to create a connection with your Prospect when done correctly. We use personalised email as a great method of lead generation for our clients. As well as being well received, our email campaigns are 100% GDPR compliant.

Our email campaigns focus on personalising contact so that they are well received. The main way that we achieve this is by making personalised, individual emails that are relevant to each individual who would read it. Find out more about how we run our email marketing campaigns.


Outbound & inbound phone lead generation

Creating a personal connection is essential in B2B Qualified lead generation. We use a permission-based approach with our phone lead generation. Why?

“You can get so much done in a conversation, when both parties want to talk.”

This is a mantra which we live by at Park Row Marketing. With so many ways to talk to your Prospect these days telemarketing still has a very important place. We focus on generating interest before we speak to your Prospects on the phone as a way of promoting your brand in the right way.

Our inbound phone team is able to answer your inbound calls and take queries on a completely Pay-Per-Lead basis, 9-5 Monday to Friday. Our state of the art phone systems can transfer relevant calls to different your departments with ease, along with representing your brand in the right way. We record all of our calls and share recordings of leads generated so that you can see for yourself how well we promote your brand.


Find out more

Find out more about our B2B lead generation campaigns below

Customer discoveryEngaging marketingLead captureTelemarketing and lead generationTelesales and sales coaching
Discovery & planning We sync up our campaign with your ideal Prospect, the marketing campaigns and how your company works
Content marketing To help engage your website visitors, we can provide engaging blogs
Lead capture Capturing and qualifying the interest generated through a multi-channel approach
Lead generation Making direct and meaningful contact to increase interest to generate quotes
Follow up & closing To ensure you have a great ROI, we provide you with support to help you quote and close sales 


B2B Qualified lead generation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a qualified lead cost?

Prices range between £80-£400 per lead, depending on the below. We have a detailed quoting system which we use to provide a quote, which is based on these 3 factors:

Data: How much marketing has been done to generate interest before contact. An engaged audience typically gets between 2-5x as many responses as an unengaged audience and as such we can lower the price per lead

Value of sale: Higher priced items involve more decision makers and have longer decision making timescales. As such, the value of the product or service we’re promoting has an impact on how quickly we can generate leads

Qualifying criteria: A lot of our qualifying process involves whittling out Prospects that aren’t good for you. Depending on how many qualifying criteria, we can lower the price per lead as we have a larger audience to work with


What counts as a ‘qualified lead’?

We agree a series of criteria on what counts as a lead. Once we’ve identified a Prospect that is interested in your service, we run through questions to qualify. If they meet all the agreed criteria, we book the appointment for you to attend. Typical examples of qualifying criteria include correct decision makers, current supplier, size of opportunity, problems with current supplier and timescale for changing.


Why do you ask for us to run a marketing campaign before you contact the Prospects?

Park Row Marketing is all about making the growth of your business a Win-Win for everyone. This means not spamming Prospects and it’s certainly not about cold calling.

Through you running a marketing campaign, we are able to focus on engaged Prospects when we follow up. This is excellent for everyone involved:

  • Prospects: Prospects are already interested and so the approach is well received
  • Us: As such, we are able to achieve much higher Lead Generation rates. An engaged audience typically gets between 2-5x as many responses as an unengaged audience
  • You: You can generate more sales as you have more Qualified Leads




What marketing do we need to do?

That depends on what’s worked for you before. We work closely with you to help you determine the best form of marketing to engage with the Prospects.


Do I provide the data?

Ideally, yes. It’s best when you provide the data. Here’s what we’d need:

  • Size At least 2000 Prospects
  • Prospect contact details (Name + Email)
  • Company details (Name + Address)
  • Source of data & Previous communication  A good idea of where the data has come from an what communication they’ve had already
  • Lawful basis Confirmation that we’re working on either Consent or Legitimate Interest

I don’t have that much data, can you provide the data?

We certainly can. We work with an excellent data broker who provides 100% GDPR compliant data. We can quote for the cost of data on top of the Pay-Per-Lead


How long do the campaigns last?

We work on a project by project basis, agreeing to secure you a specific amount of leads


How do the payment terms work?

You pay a deposit at the beginning of the campaign and pay the balance as we generate your results. We ask for a deposit to begin the campaign and this covers the first leads. Once we’ve generated over the deposit of the campaign’s leads, we will invoice monthly for the cost of leads generated in that month


Do prices above include VAT?

Quoted prices for the campaign exclude VAT and would be added on at the applicable rate


Instead of Pay-Per-Lead can you generate leads and take a commission of the final sale?

Unfortunately not. Our cost structure doesn’t allow us to work on a Pay-Per-Sale basis. We love being results focused and that’s why we work on a Pay-Per-Lead basis and help support you in closing the sale through the coaching


What would you need from us to get started?

We simply need the below items:

  • Live Chat A widget added to your website for the Website Live Chat (it’s a 5-minute job to add it)
  • Email Access A company branded email so that we can contact as you
  • Clients & Opt-Outs Existing clients & any opt-outs, so that we don’t contact anyone that we shouldn’t