Tips for BANT Appointment Setting

To help your sales team exceed their sales target, it’s important to sift through enquiries to assess the true interest of the lead. When your team is appointment setting, here are a few key areas that you want to qualify your Prospect. BANT appointment setting stands for Budget, Audience, Needs and Timescale.

BANT appointment setting

As you know, salespeople have a certain amount of hours each month to make you a certain amount of money. The best way for them to make this money for you is for them to spend their time speaking to leads that are high profit, high conversion rates and easy for you to service. BANT appointment setting is vital in controlling the quality of Prospects.

The key to sales is context. If you know why someone is looking to change supplier, then you have an incredible edge over your competition. A simple way to qualify your leads is through BANT appointment setting:

  1. Prospect enquires through your website, email, web chat, etc
  2. You schedule a time for them to speak with one of your Sales Reps, either face to face, over the phone or via Skype. As part of booking in a good time for them to speak, you ask them the below questions

Budget – Is the opportunity the right size for you?

  • How many hours/units do you normally need?
  • What does your current supplier do?
  • What is your budget for this?

Audience – Are you actually speaking to someone who’s going to be able to make a decision?

  • Am I right in thinking that you deal with this?
  • Once we provide a quote, what normally happens?
  • Would it be useful for Finance or the end users of this service to also attend the meeting?

Need – Is there actually a drive to change?

  • What’s prompted you to look elsewhere?
  • What would you like done differently?
  • Have there been any issues lately?

Timescale – When would they look to buy?

  • If we provided a quote that ticked all the right boxes, when might you look to change?
  • Did you have a general timescale about when you’d want these problems to be solved?
  • Have you discussed timescales with your team?

BANT appointment setting makes your sales team more valuable

Find out key information before your sales team spend hours of their valuable time on a Prospect. By BANT appointment setting, your sales team are able to spend more time focusing on the really hot Prospects. I hope you found this useful, below is some more reading for you:

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