Which sources of leads generate results for you?

An important part of B2B appointment setting is tracking the effectiveness of the leads generated. Depending on where you find your leads, the quality can vary. Why is this? Because depending on your sources of B2B appointment setting, you find Prospects at different stages of the sales process.


5 ways to measure the effectiveness of your leads

Whether you generate leads through social media, trade shows or prospecting, here are 5 ways to measure how much they’re doing for your business:

  • Size of the opportunity
  • Time to convert
  • Price sensitivity/budget focus
  • Successful sales conversion rates
  • Costs of marketing vs value of sales


B2B appointment setting


Scaling up your appointment setting

When it comes to scaling your business, you need to know which leads are going to produce profitable, consistent sales for you. By measuring these key points of effectiveness, you form the foundation of exponentially growing your business and profit margins


Pay-Per-Lead B2B Appointment Setting

We generate qualified leads for our clients on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. You can find out more here.