B2B sales tips webinar | The most relevant quote wins

Winning sales isn’t about being low price. It’s not just about being high value. It’s about how suited you are to their needs collectively. The most relevant quote wins.

So how do you make sure that you’re the one who your prospect picks? It’s all about making sure that you’re relevant to their collective needs

What’s the biggest mistake that salespeople make?

The biggest mistake that salespeople make is blabbing on, telling the customer everything about their company, most of which is completely irrelevant to the customer’s situation.

The result? The customer gets bored with your droning sales pitch, moves on to someone else and you lose the sale.

There’s a lot of mini-yes’ that a customer needs to go through before they can say the big ‘yes’ to a specific company. Who do they choose? The one that’s most relevant to their situation

So how do you make sure that you’re relevant? Our B2B sales tips webinar with a little bit of structure you can make sure that you fact find, match needs and close sales consistently.

We show you how we consistently close sales for clients

In this 30 minute webinar we show you how we consistently close sales for clients through taking the customer through the decision making stages to reach a decision of ‘Yes’

We show you how you can do this for your sales team too! Do a big favour for your business and book in today

  • How you can follow up with your prospect whilst being of value
  • Key information to collect which gives you the edge over your competition
  • How you can make sure that you’re the most relevant to your prospect’s needs

Close more sales with our B2B sales tips webinar

Need a hand with your sales process?

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