Non-Automated LinkedIn Marketing Packages

“Enhance your networking marketing impact by approaching your prospects with the thought that they deserve.” 

It was great meeting you. To help build on your networking marketing, we can connect & follow up with your new contacts using LinkedIn. We offer a number of LinkedIn Marketing packages to help you win significant new business integrated lead generation campaigns:

  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Email outreach
  • SEO Blogs 
  • 24/7 Web Chat
  • Telemarketing qualifying of leads

What’s Included In Our Packages?

What’s IncludedLinkedIn Marketing
Real-Time UpdatesReceive updates on leads & activities in real-time using our portal 
Full Pipeline of LeadsYou receive a whole pipeline of contacts, ranked in different levels of engagement
B2B Prospect Contact DetailsWe will provide you with all verifiable contact details for prospects to help with your follow up
Sales Training Knowledge BaseEver-Growing Sales & Marketing Tips to help your follow up and increase your ROI
Integration CRMWe can integrate with your CRM using Zapier
Trees Planted1 tree planted per month with our partner charities. You can see updates on our tree planting; 

View Our Live Track Record

Use LinkedIn to enhance your networking marketing approach. We openly share our average B2B track record for all clients. You can see our live rolling average here.

Definitions of Lead and more details here or by contacting us via web chat.

Live Trees Planting Tracker

“Having planted 1000’s of trees already and counting, we are the UK’s most sustainable LinkedIn Marketing company.” 

1 tree planted per month with our partner charities. You can see updates on our tree planting; 

LinkedIn Marketing

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Types Of LinkedIn Marketing Leads We Generate

1st Connections & Followers

Contact Details of Pre-Qualified B2B Target Decision Makers who have connected with you. 

Marketing Qualified Leads

We provide long-term value by building a pipeline of renewal dates and future pipeline for you.

Sales Qualified Leads

Identifying a pipeline of interested follow ups within the next month. It’s useful for you to follow up on these.

Qualified Meetings & Opportunities 

We will get leads up to the standard that we agreed. If they aren’t at the right standard, simply send them back and we’ll happily re-qualify and re-book.

We can help you by using LinkedIn Marketing to generate leads

Our LinkedIn Marketing packages are flexible for your budget and requirements. Get in touch with us today to discuss using Social Media to generate leads

Park Row Marketing is here as your growth partner. We provide a range of LinkedIn Marketing services to meeting your company’s unique needs. If you have got a question, we are happy to answer 24/7. Here’s a link to each of our services to help give you a bit of an overview first.

24/7 Pay-Per-Lead Webchat

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Cost effective telemarketing