“The problem with interviewing salespeople is that they’re all just so charming! It’s hard to tell who’s best for our business” – Find out more at our B2B Sales Workshop

Hiring the right salesperson is tough

Are you looking to hire a salesperson for the first time?

Are you looking to expand your sales team?

Do you have a superstar salesperson and you’re wondering how you can find another one just like them?

These are all very valid questions. As a Sales Director, part of your role is about tweaking all of the different dials. This ensure that any results that you receive now are multiplied up as you hire more salespeople. Here’s a few tips which you might find useful in regards to hiring your next salesperson.


It’s tough because there’s no objective measure of ability across all roles

As a 20-seat contact centre, hiring the right salespeople is a very real issue which we’ve faced from the start. The problem is that there’s a lot of moving parts which influence how a specific salesperson will perform in a specific role;

  • The data they’re calling – cold vs warm
  • Inbound vs Outbound
  • New Business vs Account Management
  • Industry specific experience
  • Customer buying process
  • Sales Manager personality
  • Company Culture

All of these have an impact on how good a specific sales person will perform at this particular role. So how can you be certain that this hire is the right hire?

Hear from our recruitment experts

In our B2B Sales Workshop, we’re going to share with you our process which helps make hiring a salesperson more of a certainty. You’ll hear from;

Louise Powers – Recruitment Manager

Jools Haddon – Telemarketing Manager

Owen Pilcherwood – Managing Director

Outline of talk

  • Salesprocess – how repeatable is your sales process?
  • Marketing – do you have a stream of enquiries
  • KPIs – do you have a benchmark of what good looks like?
  • Quantifying behaviours – how to make the subjective objective
  • Roleplays – Testing them out for realsies

B2B Sales Workshop: Limited Offer Early Bird Discount Before 29th April

How to hire the right salesperson | Sales Person Recruitment B2B Sales Workshop


Fri, Nov 18, 2022 1:00 PM

Online Event (link provided when you sign up)