Welcome to sales & marketing department 2.0

We help companies grow generating you leads and helping you to convert into sales. Our different packages do this with results-focused pricing;

Park Row Marketing is here as your growth partner. We provide a range of services to meeting your company’s unique needs. If you have got a question, we are happy to answer 24/7. Here’s a link to each of our services to help give you a bit of an overview first.

24/7 Pay-Per-Lead Webchat

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Cost effective telemarketing

Blog Writing and SEO

Social Media Posts

Sales Coaching

Your growth partner

Our results-focused pricing is a much more cost-effective and scalable way of growing your business

  • We help you convert leads from your marketing campaigns
  • We help you to convert those sales

We are able to work in a results-focused way because our permission-based approach helps us to get more results for you by generating more interest. Put simply, this means that we’re speaking to more interested prospects more often, which naturally results in more sales

You can find out more about our results-focused pricing here

24/7 Pay-Per-Lead Webchat

Sales Coaching

Developing the campaign

Because we focus on building long term relationships, we put the time into constantly developing the campaign to get you even more results. We love to act in your interests by working hard to develop your sales and marketing process to help get you even more results

With our open communication, we collaborate with you to get you more results whilst representing your brand in the right way

Representing your brand

We love to be open about how we grow your business and represent your brand. Before we start every campaign, we do extensive research into your business and your customer’s needs

Holding ourselves accountable

We know that you need peace of mind that we’re delivering on our promises. We hold ourselves accountable by working with you to create clear targets and then openly share how we perform against these targets. All of our calls are recorded and we regularly share these call recordings with you so that you know exactly how we’re representing your brand

This level of communication is what you’d expect from an in-house sales team, so why should we be any different?

An extension of your business

We are your sales and marketing department, so we work hard to line up and connect everything that we do with your company’s systems and your goals. We work hard to fill that role within your business and make sure that we sync up with you:

  • We align with your Management Team’s needs and goals
  • We sync up with your Operations department works so you have easy to service clients
  • We communicate the right information to your Business Support team so they can do everything that they need to make it happen

Do we sound like a good fit for your business?

Let’s explore whether we’re a good fit for you by having a chat. Get in touch here