Helping you to generate a great ROI

When you’re focusing on growing your business, you need a good partner to consistently find you new business. Whilst it’s down to you to actually close the sales, we want to provide you with a consistent source of income through:

  • Providing you with good quality leads that give you a lot of insight into a Prospect’s current situation
  • Helping you to make the most out of these opportunities by sharing with you a method of closing deals that we use ourselves

We help you to close sales through sales coaching and support as this helps to create a win-win for everyone involved


Sales Coaching included in Pay-Per-Lead campaigns

As you know, securing the appointment is just one step along the path to securing the deal. As such, the conversion rate and return on investment can differ depending on the abilities and experience of the salesperson who is taking the meeting, quoting and closing the deal

We manage our own sales team and as such, we have developed a proven method of consistently closing deals, which we are happy to share with you as part of the campaign. This sales training support will be made available to your team online and we also provide regular phone coaching sessions with your Sales Director to ensure that the team is making the most of the leads we generate for you


Sales Coaching Resources, Analysis and Consultation

Through our Sales Coaching, we provide you with key insights into your sales process to help you to make even more revenue out of your sales team:

  1. Sales resources
  2. Sales campaign analysis
  3. Sales coaching consultation

Sales resources

Access to resources like:

  • Tried and tested templates and sales tools
  • A library of talks on different parts of managing a sales team and optimising their performance

Sales campaign analysis

We track each lead generated from quote to close to give you an insight into your sales process:

  • Sources of leads
  • Conversion rates
  • Length of time taken to convert sales
  • Reasons won/lost
  • Value of sales

It’s this insight that allows you to build a sales funnel to scale your business


Sales coaching and consultation

Monthly consultations on leads generated, developing your business and converting sales


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We help you to scale your business by making your sales & marketing budget much more flexible. By focusing on making our campaigns a Win-Win for everyone, then we are able to help scale your business in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible

Customer discoveryEngaging marketingLead captureTelemarketing and lead generationTelesales and sales coaching
Discovery & planning We sync up our campaign with your ideal Prospect, the marketing campaigns and how your company works
Content marketing To help engage your website visitors, we can provide engaging blogs
Lead capture Capturing and qualifying the interest generated through a multi-channel approach
Lead generation Making direct and meaningful contact to increase interest to generate quotes
Follow up & closing To ensure you have a great ROI, we provide you with support to help you quote and close sales