Looking to hire another salesperson?


Are you looking to hire a salesperson for the first time?

Are you looking to expand your sales team?

Do you have a superstar salesperson and you’re wondering how you can find another one just like them?


These are all very valid questions. As a Sales Director, part of your role is about tweaking all of the different dials. This ensure that any results that you receive now are multiplied up as you hire more salespeople. Here’s a few tips which you might find useful in regards to hiring your next salesperson.


Tip 1: always build on what works

Here’s the great thing about marketing. If it’s worked before, then chances are, it’ll work again. Further to that, the more that you can build on existing momentum, the better. What this means in real terms is you should look for things have worked before or not worked:

  • Sales pitches that have gone particularly well
  • Your existing customers why do they love you so much? What do they find most useful about what you do
  • Lost quotes why did they go another way? Was there anything different about what your competitor offered or how they presented things?
  • Existing pipeline do you have people that you have spoken to before? Do you think it’s worth following up with those again?
  • Making new contacts what’s been the best source of high converting leads for you?
  • Pitching what pitches tend to result in the best conversion rate?


“Owen, I’m not a salesperson I don’t know this information personally.”


Building on what works doesn’t mean that you have to build on what you know. You can find out this information based on other’s expertise. Seek many different sources of info. However, trust those that you have data for or that you have first-hand experience in:

  1. Previous companies and competitors
  2. Blogs and industry specific groups
  3. Looking at your previous results and what’s worked before
  4. Conducting customer surveys
  5. Previous successful B2B lead generation and appointment setting services
  6. Asking salespeople what has worked for them
  7. Doing a secret shopper approach

All these can be really good ways that you can build on what has worked by collecting best practise.


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Tip 2: separate out the sales and marketing process

Traditional sales jobs were what you would call ‘360 sales jobs’. This was essentially asking your somebody to open a phone book, then found their own opportunities and sold them as well. This is very simple as an approach, however it is far from efficient.

It’s important to understand the role of time management when it comes to hitting sales targets. So much can get done in a conversation, but how many of those conversations are you having per hour? Per day? Per week?

A really simple way to boost the results of your sales team is to have them entirely lead fed. If your sales team are only ever quoting and closing, with warm leads being provided to them, then that sets you up for a really good chance of hitting and exceeding sales targets. Our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services are excellent for boosting your sales results.

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Tip 3: Have a variety of KPIs, but focus on what’s important

It’s important to measure the quantity and quality of activities. Here’s a couple of tips there about the best ways to get the most out of your sales team.

Involve them in realistic goal creation – Whilst your sales team shouldn’t dictate your company’s wider plans, it’s important to involve them in what is a realistic goal. With this in mind, work out what has been previously achieved for each KPI and then discuss with them openly if there’s anything more that we think they can do.

Hold them to their goals – Sales is one of those jobs where everybody in it is optimistic. The wonderful optimism that sells people hold is exactly where you want them, however you need to make sure that they’re optimism is rooted in reality. The best way to do this is to be completely transparent about the goal and their performance toward that goal. Further to this, let them tell you how they are performing, not only involve them in the gold creation but also involved them in the gold reporting.

Focus on what’s important – Some KPIs are more important than others. Naturally, Sales is top priority. Others may be important to measure, but forgiving when others are going well. For example, it may be completely unrealistic to make 30 calls per hour. This could be especially true when salespeople have more success and get more sales. This is because their calls per hour tends to dip whilst they do the paperwork and admin.


Have a steady stream of leads with our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services

We hope you found these tips useful to ensure that your sales team have consistent results as you scale. To make sure that your new sales person is operating at maximum efficiency, why not keep them entirely lead fed? Our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services will keep your sales team focusing on quoting and closing. We have a few options including telemarketing, LinkedIn and web chat.