Sales call tips

One of your Prospects has agreed to take the time to have a full conversation with you about your product? Great news! Should I start pitching them right away?

Hold your horses there. Assuming that you’re talking with a Prospect that would be a good fit for your business, the goal of the first sales call is to not sell. The goal is to find out if having a further discussion wouldn’t be a waste each other’s time. The Prospect will respect the hell out of this approach and more importantly, your sales team will make more sales because they’ll be speaking to higher quality leads.


Sales call tip: What’s your problem?

Explore with the Prospect what problems they’re experiencing. The goal of the call is to find out if there is a mutual fit. The goal is to explore their problems and not sell your solutions right now. Ask open-ended questions which help give you more context about what they’re looking for:

  • How does your current process work for _____?
  • How long has your current system for _____ been in place?
  • What’s prompted this conversation now?
  • What alternatives have you explored for _____?
  • What would you like done differently for _____?

Other sales call tips

Here’s a couple more sales call tips which will help your team to close more sales for you:

Is there a genuine issue? Is this lead worth your time? If the problems aren’t that bad, then what’s stopping the Prospect delaying the decision making indefinitely?

Agree on next steps: In our webinar, we cover the importance of scheduling next steps while you’re on the phone.


Check out our webinar

I hope you found these sales call tips useful! Check out our webinar on how to close more sales by getting the prospect to pick you.