Pobl Finance Case Study – Insurance Lead Generation

We’re excited to introduce our sister company, Pobl Finance. Pobl is Welsh for ‘people’. And that’s Pobl’s focus:

  • Very available – Pobl’s UK based team are available 24/7
  • Long Term Thinking – Pobl is all about long term relationships and so they charge the lowest price possible
  • Accountable – Personal Account Manager assigned to your business


Insurance Lead Generation Pobl Finance Card Payment


Pobl Finance’s Services

  1. Get Paid On Time – Card Payment Processing Services. Get paid tomorrow with their panel of low cost card processing providers and next-day settlement.
  2. Unlock Finance –  Commercial Finance. From working capital to business expansion, secure funding for up to £1m with extensive commercial finance options.
  3. Limit Your Costs – Commercial Insurance & Business Utilities Reduction

How Pobl Finance Started

Pobl actually started with, Park Row Marketing, back in 2020 during the pandemic. Clients had having difficulty paying their bills.

Naturally, everyone was in the same boat. Park Row had to adopt a customer-service style approach to finances. Park Row emphasised the philosophy that;

“A happy customer that you have a great relationship with is far more likely to pay on time and to stick to their promises.”

A good finance process begins with making sure that the customer is happy. We answered their questions in regards to the service delivered.

We are happy to say that Park Row Marketing actually grew 5x during the pandemic. This was by maintaining a strong relationship with clients.


Insurance Lead Generation For Pobl

We’re excited to have generated over 70 insurance leads over the last 4 months. We are now expanding our Insurance Lead Generation services to move into other areas. These include Card Payment Processing Lead Generation and Commercial Finance Lead Generation.

We have Commercial Insurance Lead Generation clients across the UK. Our approach is all about building the relationship across a variety of channels: