COVID-19 has changed how to generate cleaning company leads

COVID-19 has had a really weird impact on the cleaning industry. In some parts, the work has all but dried up. But in other industries, it’s shot through the roof:

  • Offices are empty so office cleaning has dramatically dipped
  • Schools and Medical There has been a huge increase in demand for cleaning schools and medical centres
  • Hospitality The nature of Retail and Hospitality cleaning has changed, with a bigger emphasis on disinfection
  • Deep Cleans Deep Cleans have become a lot more frequent and a lot more commonplace


Whilst Office cleaning requirements have dramatically dipped, the demand for cleaning overall has increased. Whichever way you look at it, cleaning used to be an underrated job. During COVID-19, people are giving cleaners the respect that they deserve for doing a really tough job.


The way Companies ‘Buy’ Cleaning has changed, too

Due to the increase in remote working, there has been a surge of online research activity. This may sound obvious, but the physical separation of teams has changed how people find which cleaners are good. For example, instead of asking for referrals from good cleaners, buyers are researching online instead.

Companies who need cleaners are more likely to post on social media asking for recommendations, look at previous reviews and check out cleaner’s websites. This means that the way people buy has changed and so it’s important to roll with this.


Why do companies change cleaners?

We liken commercial cleaning to your energy bills. If nothing is going wrong and it doesn’t cost too much, you’ll probably not change. Why? Because you have other things to do. It’s only when an issue occurs is when you’d look to change.

As such if the cleaning is fine, then companies are usually happy enough. Companies only usually look to change if one of the 3 things happen:

  • Dip in Service – Poor contact from existing cleaners, hard to get hold of them to give feedback
  • Dip in Quality – Missed spots, cleaners not staying for the full contracted hours or not turning up at all
  • Increase in the Price – An increase in price with no increase in value received at the same time

What do these 3 things boil down to? Trust. Companies just want to know that the cleaning is sorted. All of these problems centre around a lack of trust that the cleaning company is acting in their best interested. It is this messaging that you want to focus on when you are generating cleaning company leads.


Focus on those who are having problems with their cleaners

High converting cleaning company leads focus on the value you add as a cleaner. Saying you’re the cheapest out there will give you poor conversion rates and poor profit margins. Whilst commercial cleaning is very price-focused, you must focus on the value that you add.

The best way to follow up on cleaning company leads is to show them how you are a company they can trust. Tell them how you will give them better service. Tell them how you never miss spots and have great systems for checking. Walk them through your pricing so they know it’s a fair deal.


How to generate cleaning company leads online

Here’s 2 ways that you can generate cleaning companies leads right now for your business. 1 is outbound and 1 is inbound:

Linkedin Leads

cleaning company leads


Connect with the right decision makers on LinkedIn. Connect with them, but don’t pitch them right away. Get to know them and keep in regular contact. This will allow you to be ready when something goes wrong with their cleaning. Here are 2 blogs you might find useful:

How to generate leads using LinkedIn

Be concise and focus on the value you add


Web Chat Leads

Be very available on your website to capture companies when they’re looking. A fast response time can emulate the great service that you give when cleaning. Essentially;

  1. You optimise to drive traffic using SEO and Social media
  2. Post very readable content on your website
  3. Capture inbound leads by being available 24/7 on your web chat


Need help generating cleaning company leads?

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