How does lockdown affect business growth?

We generate cleaning leads UK wide. Cleaning Lead generation is our speciality. We literally started our company 7 year’s ago to help find leads for a local cleaning company and we’ve grown from there. We have seen a huge change in what cleaning companies are needed for.

In this blog, we go through how COVID-19 has impacted cleaning sales. We also talk about what you, The Manager of a Cleaning company, can do about it.


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Companies need different things from cleaning companies

There has been a literal sea-change in commercial cleaning since March 2020. COVID-19 has had a really weird impact on the cleaning industry. In some parts, the work has all but dried up. But in other industries, it’s shot through the roof.

We have seen this first hand as we generate cleaning leads UK wide. For example, Office cleaning is pretty quiet right now. This is because offices are empty, considering that most office-based jobs are now work-from-home-jobs.

What’s become incredibly popular though is COVID-19 cleans and similar deep cleans. Deep cleans are the lifeline that allows some businesses to continue to operate during lockdown, so they are trusting cleaning companies to do a great job.

This means that if you need to shift your strategy temporarily away from office-based cleaning jobs. Adapt your sales strategy to finding high-demand cleaning jobs, you will be in good stead.

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Win the relationship now, collect the fruits after lockdown

A lot of companies are anxious right now. It’s not just about keeping the shop clean anymore. Your cleaning job is actually giving peace of mind to both the customers and the staff. Cleaning helps them to continue to stay in business right now.

We generate cleaning leads UK wide and we’ve noticed that the ones that are doing best are the ones who think long term. One of our clients said it best;

“We win the relationship now so that we’re their trusted cleaning company later when this all blows over”

This was all part of their sales optimisation strategy. Whilst they love doing regular office cleaning, they decided to change the product that they offer to win the relationship. This provides long term ROI for their sales team

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Get creative with meetings

Finally, our top tip is to change how you sell to fit your prospect’s needs. One of our clients has found an ingenious way to do site walkaround completely virtually. Not only does this keep Prospects happy by limiting contact, but they can offer quotes a lot quicker than before.

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We generate cleaning leads UK wide

It’s tough at the moment but companies do still need cleaners. In fact, companies need good cleaners now more than ever. We generate cleaning leads UK wide in a variety of ways, check out our services page to find out more.