How do you maximise your ROI from cleaning leads?

There’s a lot of different factors which affect the return on investment from your sales and marketing process. As a Sales & Marketing Manager, it’s your role to control all of those variables to maximise your ROI from cleaning leads.


The compounding effect

In this blog, we go through the different factors which affect ROI for cleaning leads. All you need to do is make minor tweaks to your campaign and you will see them quickly compound. How does making small change create a big result? Have a quick look at this video from Brad Sugars of Action Coach


It’s a highly recommended video to watch. I’ll summarise the 5 ways here and put it in the context of how to generate higher ROI from cleaning leads:

  1. Number of Leads: Generate more leads (But especially ones that you know are good for you)
  2. Conversion Rate of Leads: Measure and improve ways to convert more cleaning leads
  3. Number of Transactions: Sell recurring products like Commercial Cleaning as opposed to one offs
  4. Value of Transactions: Sell on the value that you provide so that you can charge a premium
  5. Costs: Manage costs and cash without compromising on quality


Inbound vs Outbound Cleaning Leads

We’re a big advocate of both inbound and outbound methods of lead generation. If you’re looking for more cleaning leads tomorrow in big volumes with good conversion rates, inbound is great for this. Essentially, you’re catching people when they’re looking. Plus, there’s an inbuilt qualification which drives higher conversion rates:


For an Inbound lead to reach you

  1. The Prospect has to be searching for the service you offer to find your site
  2. They then have to visit your site and have a question about what you offer
  3. The Prospect then needs to go through a whole qualifying conversation with someone giving their details
  4. Only then does the Prospect get to speak to you

The pre-built qualification stages makes for excellent conversion rates. What’s more, this also helps optimise the number of leads you capture from your Marketing Campaigns.


Cleaning Leads ROI

Outbound is great for big-ticket Prospects

Outbound can be great for higher-value customers. Reaching out to specific companies in account-based marketing strategy costs time and energy. As such, you need to make sure that the pay off is worth it.

Direct sales channels can be excellent for outbound cleaning leads, provided you qualify on the core problem they face.

For cleaning companies, it’s important to qualify Prospects based on:

  • Size of opportunity – Lots of recurring weekly and monthly hours are good
  • The value they see in you – Find out the true extent of their current problems and focus on the value that you provide

By focusing on valuable opportunities where your USP’s really shine, you can pitch in a way that communicates the true value. This means that you can charge a healthy margin and focus on doing a great job


Would you like more cleaning leads on a Pay-Per-Lead basis?

We can help you generate leads on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. We guarantee the quality of leads and that they are qualified to the standard that you expect. Feel free to get in touch or ask our live chat rep if you have any questions