LinkedIn is an excellent source of B2B leads

LinkedIn is a B2B salesperson’s dream. You can immediately identify a key decision maker, reach out to them and start a meaningful relationship. Notice that I said ‘meaningful’. When you add value to your prospect’s life, you create a real connection.

A great way to alienate your Prospect is to connect with them and immediately send 5 paragraphs about your ‘Amazing Offer’. By doing this, you go from 0 to 100 too fast and burn a lot of bridges in the process.

It might interest you to know that we’re one of our own customers for LinkedIn and Web Chat lead generation. In a sample of 256 leads we’ve generated for ourselves, both Web Chat and LinkedIn are in the top 3 sources of new leads for us:

  1. LinkedIn 35.1%
  2. Networking 25.4%
  3. Web Chat 14.4%

It’s worth noting here that having several reliable sales channels can be a great thing. You can find out more in our blog about developing sales channels. Here a few tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn.


3 tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

Is what you’re saying going to add value?

Whilst a lot of B2B marketing can fall within under ‘Legitimate Interest’ under GDPR, it’s not really good enough to be contacting a company simply “Because it’s legal for me to do so”.

Adding Value is a core principle which is vital to every campaign we do. To really stand out, you need to be ‘wow-ing’ each prospect with:

  1. A great reason why you’re connecting with them and getting in touch now
  2. Bringing up a problem that they’re currently facing
  3. Wowing them by presenting a solution which knocks their socks off

Adding value is central to be able to consistently generate B2B leads using LinkedIn. What’s more, brevity is your friend. Can you say all this in  3 sentences? If you can’t, then you’re not being concise enough.

Use it in conjunction with your other channels

LinkedIn is an excellent way for Prospects to see you on a more human level. As such, really show yourself on there! Connect with your existing friends, existing contacts, existing customers, etc. Make it part of how you interact.

Why should you do this? You’ll probably have noticed that in your news feed, you get updates from your contacts about their activities;

Interact with others: 3 tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

This is an excellent opportunity for you to add social-value to your Prospect. These small news feed updates give them an opportunity to see what you like and don’t like and even join in the conversation. This is a great way to connect on a more informal level.

Note: Make your comments and likes genuine. It’s pretty easy to see when people are commenting or liking just to gain this kind of visibility


Let everyone see how cool you are with recommendations

This is an excellent way to gain social proof. Connect with previous clients, work colleagues, etc and give recommendations. Give genuine, well meaning recommendations and politely ask for an honest recommendation back. It’s a great way to really showcase the credibility and momentum you’ve already built outside of LinkedIn


Get recommended: 3 tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

Take action and generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

I hope you found these 3 tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn useful.

Take one action from this blog

Make me a promise and make one of these changes to your LinkedIn prospecting. You can find out more LinkedIn tips on their knowledge base.

3 tips to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

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