MEDDICC, FACT & BANT Lead Generation Agency Tips

What types of qualification is best for my business? Working as a BANT Lead Generation Agency is popular with customers, but we also use other types of qualification. The best fit for your business is the one which lines up with your sales process.

Why Use a Qualification Acronym at all?

It provides a simple framework for qualifying prospects in a sales process. This gives a defined quality of whether, and to what degree, a sales prospect meets each of the criteria.

These acronyms are a guide only. The idea is that you create questions which help the conversation to reach a standard that you know is good for your sales process.

BANT Lead Generation Agency


MEDDICC, FACT & BANT Lead Definitions

BANT Qualification

BANT is short for Budget, Audience, Needs, and Timeline. This is a simple and popular type of sales lead qualification. Create questions or stages to qualify around:

  • Budget: minimum spend, credit score, proof of income or affordability check
  • Audience: the right person who can take action if all is good
  • Needs: the momentum and motivation to make a change
  • Timeline: proof that they’re looking to go ahead sooner rather than later

FACT Qualification

FACT qualification (Fit, Alignment, Competition & Timeline) is all about creating a collaborative approach with the client. A lot of the qualification focuses on mutual fit and is non-confrontational. Create questions or stages to qualify around:

  • Fit: Does the buyer see enough value in the relationship and solution?
  • Alignment: Can we make this a win-win opportunity?
  • Competition: Do we have a unique competitive advantage?
  • Timeline: When can we make this happen?


MEDDICC Qualification

MEDDIC sales qualification process is a detailed process, used to qualify prospects. This works well for long buying cycles as it helps to determine whether or not it’s worth putting a customer into your sales funnel. Create questions or stages to qualify around:

  • Metrics: Establishing quantifiable gains for the prospect (£X Saved or Y% Gained)
  • Economic Buyer: The right person who can take action if all is good
  • Decision Criteria: What will it take to make the prospect say yes?
  • Decision Process: Precisely how will they make this decision and how can we benefit from this?
  • Identify Pain: What are they really looking to change?
  • Champion: Who within their company is on our side?


As a MEDDICC, FACT & BANT Lead Generation Agency, we can help provide you with leads. What’s more, we can provide you with Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads and Confirmed Sales. Chat to us 24/7 to find out more.