Sales is hard enough, why make it harder?

As they spent all their money on offices and staff, some companies save money by limiting the marketing budget. This is usually done with the assumption;


“If a sales person is good enough, then they should be able to get sales without marketing!”


That may be true if you have got a particularly talented salesperson, but it’s a big risk you’re taking for that to be the case. Further if you’ve hired a salesperson, the risk your taking is with your money



Your sales person is just 1/3 of what influences results

There are 3 key aspects to sales which impact the results

  1. The sales process
  2. The marketing that you do
  3. The talents of the sales person

To me, as a business owner, this is quite empowering. The abilities of a sales person is just 1/3 of the factors that influence results. Put the systems in place to generate the interest so that it’s actually incredibly straightforward to hit target


How to make it easy for your team to hit target

You want to put the marketing in place so that it’s actually incredibly straightforward to sell for you. This means that as business owner, you can get more consistent sales. In this 30 minute webinar, we cover

  • Simple marketing funnels that help your sales team to hit target
  • How to use inbound enquiries to help your sales team 5x their target
  • Free stuff to help get started


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