Sales Tips From Combined Insurance Lead Generation Agency

As a Combined Insurance Lead Generation Agency, we identify your ideal prospect via LinkedIn and then generate leads via targeted, high value messaging. Here are some tips which we’ve picked up over the last few years.


Collect Renewal Dates

A big part of the approach is gaining context about when is best to speak. A lot of sales and marketing is about timing. You want to have the prospect ready to have an open discussion with you. Because of this, you don’t want to quiz them too soon on the details of their insurance policies.

Insurance Lead Generation Agency

Gain Permission For Follow Ups

Insurance is a trust game. Trust comes from good relationships. As an Insurance Lead Generation Agency, we’re here to build relationships. Long story short, the more permission you can gain, the better. As such, marketing is a great opportunity to show how seriously you take regulations. By showing how much care you put into GDPR, it also shows how much care you put into FCA regulations. As such:

  1. Put lots of thought into marketing campaigns
  2. Take a permission-first approach to follow up
  3. Gain opt-ins for email marketing newsletters (be clear with them what they’re signing up to)


“Send Me A Quote” – How To Avoid Talking Price

The final tip is avoiding the ‘just send me a quote’ trap. The more you can use a quote as an opportunity to review their cover, the better. Better yet, create space to let them talk with you. Maybe organise a cover review meeting before you provide a quote? This could be face to face or online, where you have 30 mins-1hour dedicated to reviewing their cover.

This is a good qualification stage too. If they’re not willing to give you this time, then this could be a good way to qualify out. Don’t make it all stick and no carrot though. Maybe find a way to reward their attending. For example we want the growth of client’s business to be a win-win for everyone. We plant trees as we grow your business, included in the price!

I hope these tips from an Insurance Lead Generation Agency are useful to you. If you are interested in exploring ways to expand your brokerage, please drop us a line 24/7 via chat.