How we help you with GDPR

We look for the intent behind things. We work in a way that speaks more to the end result. The new GDPR regulations make companies more accountable on generating genuine interest

Our campaigns help you to be GDPR compliant through promoting your business in a permission based way and giving a clear papertrail;

The right systems

We start out with the right tools to do the job properly. As part of our campaign, we set you up with a whole sales & marketing system that makes it easy to be compliant:


  • CRM systems that record permissions given on the phone, as well as capture enquiries and opt ins from your website
  • Email marketing systems keep you in touch with Prospects in a meaningful way
  • We record all of our phone calls
  • All of these systems automatically talk to each other to quickly process opt-ins and opt-outs


GDPR risk assessments

For all of our campaigns, we conduct what we call a risk assessment, which:

  • Outlines who we’re speaking to
  • Outlines our methods of contact
  • Runs through the Information Commissioner’s Office recommended tests for assessing lawful basis for processing
  • Outlines who has access to Prospect data and we update the records of who has access on an ongoing basis


Permission-based approach

We focus on building relationships with Prospects. We communicate with them in a way that adds value to them, educates them on your service and gradually raises the permissions given by them.

This way, we protect your brand as the end customer enjoys our well received approach. We also are able to get you more results as we’re speaking to more interested Prospects, more of the time.


Being of value to the Prospect

Last but by no means least, our approach focuses on getting you results in a compliant way by simply being of use to the Prospect and communicating in the right way.

We design the sales & marketing process to be of value at every stage:

  • Introductory – Offering something of value to the Prospect and asking permission to keep in touch
  • Building trust – Rewarding the Prospect and continuing to add value as we educate them on how your service is relevant to them and raise permissions given by them
  • Quoting – Generating sales appointments where your service solves a genuine issue for them and making clear how you solve their problems
  • Follow up and securing the deal – We follow up in a way that adds value by helping them answer all of their questions about how you fit in with their lives

More information about how we communicate with companies is available in our Privacy Policy