Building Your Pipeline with our Sales Qualified Lead Tip Guide

Are you looking to boost your sales team’s performance? Look no further than our Sales Qualified Lead Tip Guide for LinkedIn. For B2B sales, LinkedIn is a goldmine for connecting with potential customers and generating leads.

In this blog post, we’ll share some top tips to help your sales team harness the power of LinkedIn and reach new levels of success. Get ready to fire up your team and watch your sales soar!

What’s a Sales Qualified Lead?

A Sales Qualified Lead is generally defined as a lead that’s reached enough qualification criteria to be worth your sales team’s time. Typically, here’s a good example of what this means:

  • You’re definitely speaking with the right buyer
  • The right company size, industry and key demographics
  • A good idea of budget size
  • They’ve agreed to a next step (Information request, phone call, etc)

Good examples are ones where they’ve expressed interest, but you don’t yet know the timeline. It’s useful for you to follow up on these e.g. High value leads Renewal dates & Key Follow – Ups.

Kicking off a relationship on LinkedIn

Beginning a fruitful relationship on LinkedIn is an art that goes beyond just sending a connection request. It’s about creating a lasting impression from the first interaction. Tip: Be super personalised.

Be really clear on why you’re speaking to them. How? Start by researching the prospect’s profile; find common ground such as shared interests, mutual connections or a similar professional background. This will give you a solid foundation to initiate a conversation.

When you send that first connection request, personalise your message. Ditch the default LinkedIn message and instead, craft a compelling note that highlights why you wish to connect. After your connection request is accepted, resist the urge to plunge straight into a sales pitch. However it is fine to set a business-y tone in a concise, friendly manner.

Be sure to comment on their posts, congratulate them on their professional milestones or share relevant articles. This shows that you value their insights and helps to establish a two-way communication channel.

Sales Qualified Lead Tip: Engage, Don’t Just Sell

Treat LinkedIn like a networking event, not email marketing. LinkedIn isn’t simply a platform for peddling products or services. Believe it or not, people don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of sales pitches, particularly when they’re scrolling through a professional networking site.

So, change the narrative. Show your personality! Instead of trying to close deals, strive to be a dynamic participant in the LinkedIn community.

Sales Qualified Lead Tip Guide

Publish insightful content, join thought-provoking debates, lend a helping hand where possible. This level of engagement solidifies trust and casts you as an expert in your arena. The more actively involved you are with your connections, the higher the likelihood of them turning to you when your services are needed.

Nurture your Leads Using Email & Phone

LinkedIn is pretty light touch and so eventually you’ll need to venture beyond LinkedIn. Foster your budding relationship with prospects using other methods of contact. The great thing about this approach is that you can avoid cold calling, you’re building on an established relationship.

Sales Qualified Lead Tip: Welcome to the realms of emails and phone calls. But remember to qualify on interest and timeframe. Don’t go into hard-sell territory. As you pick up the phone or pen that email, continue to focus on delivering value. Consider offering insights that could address their business hurdles or sharing timely industry news they may appreciate.

A well-timed phone call presents an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their needs, allowing you to outline how your solutions can help. Emails, on the other hand, can be utilised to share valuable resources or to simply keep in touch.

The aim here is to solidify that bond, taking it from a LinkedIn connection to a real-world business relationship. Balancing professional acumen with a genuine willingness to assist, your correspondence will contribute to forging a connection that may eventually mature into a sales-qualified lead.