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When selling to larger companies, you need to know the right decision-maker. Our Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation gives you 100% guaranteed accurate data on key decision-makers.  Using our Research-and-Verify process, we can provide you with B2B Qualified Researched leads.

What is Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation?


Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation


“Our Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation provides clients with a steady stream of targeted prospects who have heard about their product and want to know more” – Owen Wood


We find the right decision-maker and provide you with verified ways to contact them through a variety of channels. You can then launch a personalised, well thought out marketing campaign which gets through to the right person. This isn’t account-based marketing, this is decision-maker based marketing.

What we offer Key Benefits 
  • Targeted Prospects pre-qualified as your ideal customer
  • Personalised approach via LinkedIn and email
  • Paying only for the leads that want to discuss further
  • Targeting the right decision-maker with a high level of precision
  • Verified data so you know the quality is there
  • You only pay for the leads generated

Example of a Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation lead

We find our clients Key Decision-Makers of their ideal customer who want to talk further. With each lead you can expect:

  • Targeted prospects who are your ideal customer base
  • They have heard about your product
  • Following this, they want to discuss further

By having your sales team focus on warm leads, you can dramatically increase their productivity and results.

Where do we fit?

Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation is best for companies who are looking to start relationships with enterprises.

Pay Per Lead Generation Campaigns

Our campaigns fit very well at the start of the sales process. This helps you to identify your Prospect so that you can take the conversation further.


How this compares with our other services

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How much does Pay Per Lead LinkedIn Lead Generation cost?

We have a quoting system which helps us determine the price with ease. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help grow your business