Conversational sales – Making sales calls without scripts

Call scripts are a classic tool in phone based sales, but savvy prospects have become more and more attuned to obvious sales scripts or canned questions. Your sales team sound so much better when they’re speaking their own words, not repeated a canned response

Instead, give your sales team a call structure but with the freedom to ask their own questions in their own way. Below is a great call structure to make sales calls without scripts

  1. Opening
  2. Issues & needs
  3. Match needs to your product
  4. Objection handle
  5. Next steps


Give a 1 sentence reason for the call and add “Is now a good time?”

Prospect’s current issues and needs

Use many open questions to tease out issues and drives to change

How relevant you are

Explain to the Prospect how your product solves their problems

Reassure your Prospect

Handle any objections and concerns that your Prospect has

Commit to next steps

Always agree what makes sense as a follow up to your conversation

Giving your sales team the freedom to make sales calls without scripts allows them to have a much more authentic conversation. What’s the most important part of your call guide? Getting the Prospect to commit to next steps

To predictably generate sales, you need a method of consistently moving Prospect through the stages of your sales process. Examples of actions include reviewing the proposal with their colleagues, getting back to you with a certain deadline or organising a specific meeting

Prospects are continually distracted by unimpressive sales people. A simple way to stand out is to engage the Prospect with an authentic sales conversation. By using sales calls without scripts, your sales team stand out from the crowd to help them close more sales

Need advice on how to make sales calls without scripts?

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