Can you use commission only sales to grow your business?

Have you ever thought about having a commission only team? For many companies, a commission only sales would be an excellent solution to their growth. So if this is true, how come more companies don’t have a commission only sales team?

As a Manager, it’s important that you have a good relationship with your sales team. With commission only sales, the relationship that you have is even more important. It’s important to

The same interests Ensure that both your business and the sales team’s interests are aligned. This means that you should ensure that you’re rewarding your sales team for doing the things that you want them to do. Give incentives to focus on profitable, easy to service clients

Product knowledge You need to make sure that your commission only sales team have great product knowledge so that they can represent your company in the right way. Sales reps need the product knowledge to be ready for them in order that they could be as successful as possible

Support in marketing Make it easy for your sales team to generate sales for you. Use marketing to generate interest so that they can follow up and close sales

Managing the relationship An increasing number of sales professionals know that communication is the important ingredient of succeeding. Independent sales professionals understand how to sell

Commission only sales is about the relationship

Working with commission only sales reps is an excellent means to not just grow your organisation, but to gain access to customers that your employees may have struggled to reach. Remember, employing sales people isn’t a one-off transaction. With that in mind, consider setting a trial period for your sales person to see whether they are good fit for you and your business


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