Sales Qualified Lead Platform Glasgow & UK-Wide That Plants Trees

By partnering with our clients and charities, we plant trees in the UK and across the world. We regularly encourage team members to suggest areas that we should plant.

Here’s our partners that we’ve planted trees with:

All of the donations made and trees planted are traceable with an audit trail.

“Our Multi-Channel campaigns provide clients with a steady stream of targeted prospects who want to hear more” 

Sales Qualified Lead Platform Glasgow & UK-Wide

We offer a number of multi-channel packages to help you win significant new business integrated lead generation campaigns:

  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Email outreach
  • SEO Blogs 
  • 24/7 Web Chat
  • Telemarketing qualifying of leads

What Types of Lead Do We Generate?

Pre-Qualified B2B Target Decision Makers included in the price. For Telemarketing, includes phone & direct emails. We can use your data if you’d prefer.

Sales Qualified Lead Platform Glasgow & UK-Wide

Marketing Qualified Leads

We provide long-term value by building a pipeline of renewal dates and future pipeline for you.

Sales Qualified Leads

Identifying a pipeline of interested follow ups within the next month. It’s useful for you to follow up on these.

Qualified Meetings & Opportunities 

We will get leads up to the standard that we agreed. If they aren’t at the right standard, simply send them back and we’ll happily re-qualify and re-book.

B2B Historic Track Record

Please see below examples of our previous mean average performance and/or other specific examples of previous performance. It’s worth noting that there’s a lot of moving parts to any campaign which impact results so this isn’t a specific guarantee. We share this to provide a data-driven demonstration of what we’ve previously been able to do across all clients over a 12 month period July 22 -July 23:

Types of LeadExamplesMean Avg Per Month
Marketing Qualified LeadsGenerating Opt-Ins and future pipeline using LinkedIn, Email and Telemarketing2.3
Sales Qualified LeadsIdentifying a pipeline of interested follow ups within the next month. 6.6
Qualified Meetings & OpportunitiesBooked meetings & Qualified Opportunities7.8

Our Services

Monthly Services Package 1Package 2Package 3
Real-Time Updates Via Portal
Sales Training Knowledge Base
LinkedIn Messaging & Prospecting
B2B Data Via LinkedIn500 contacts 500 contacts 2500 contacts 
B2B Email Marketing 500 Per Month500 Per Month2500 Per Month
LinkedIn Articles  1 Per Month2 Per Month
Telemarketing Hours 16 hours32 hours
SEO Friendly Blog Writing  2 Per Month
24/7 Web Chat  20 Chats 

Next Steps | Sales Qualified Lead Platform Glasgow & UK-Wide

Here are the next steps for you:

  1. Let us know which payment option you’d like to use for the trial
  2. We send over the agreement for you to review and sign
  3. We send you over the customer brief and content for your approval
  4. We launch the 3 month trial campaign and generate you leads
  5. Following the trial campaign you can continue with 30 day’s rolling contract

We are happy to answer any of your questions at